10 July 2020
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Constitution Day Events
Constitution Day Thailand
10-10 December 2010
The Constitution Day of the Thailand is celebrated on 10th December.

The government offices, private buildings and most highrises are decorated with national f  read more...
Constitution Day Puerto Rico
25-25 July 2010
Constitution Day is commemorated each year in Puerto Rico on 25th July.

Constitution Day celebrates the day in 1952 when Puerto Rico signed its first Constitu  read more...
Constitution Day Uruguay
18-18 June 2010
Constitution Day is a public holiday to honor the constitution of a country.

This Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the signing or adoption of the const  read more...
Constitution Day Cayman Islands
07-07 June 2010
The Cayman Islands will be celebrating Constitution Day on July 7th.

The Cayman Islands will be celebrating Constitution Day on July 7th. With the formation o  read more...
Constitution Day Sweden
06-06 June 2010
Independence Day in Sweden is on June 6.

This national holiday is also called the Day of the Swedish Flag and has a long history - and two reasons for the dat  read more...
Constitution Day Denmark
05-05 June 2010
Constitution Day, or Grundlovsda in Danish, commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish Constitution on 5th June 1849, which established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy, and honours  read more...
Constitution Day Norway
17-17 May 2010
This National day of Norway is also stated as Norwegian Independence Day which falls on May 17th.

The constitution was signed on May 17th in the year 1814, de  read more...
Constitution Day Poland
03-03 May 2010
3 May is Constitution Day in Poland and marks the signing of the Polish Constitution on this date in 1791.

However, the constitution was to last for just a yea  read more...
Constitution Day Japan
03-03 May 2010
Constitution Day commemorates the introduction of the new Japanese constitution on 3 May 1947 after the Second World War.

Although it is a very recent public  
Constitution Day Mexico
05-05 February 2010
Every year we celebrate Constitution Day on 5th February with spirit, love, peace and happiness.

Most of the developing history of Mexico, small minorities of   read more...
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