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Snowfall News
Explore California's untamed landscape
13 September 2011

California : My mind seemed to scream out to me, warning me against the lunacy of what I was asking of it. I was willing it to make me jump into  read more...
Toronto snowfall causing delays at Regina airport
03 February 2011
Toronto: A massive storm in the east is causing delays and cancellations at airports across the country.

The storm began dumping snow in Ontario on Wednesday n  read more...
Flight delays due to snow at Blue Grass airport in USA
22 January 2011
USA: The snowfall across Kentucky has forced numerous flight delays at Blue Grass Airport Friday morning.

As of 6:30 a.m., there were six delayed flights out o  read more...
Heavy snow hits Japan
18 January 2011
Tokyo: Heavy snowfall blanketed many parts of Japan Monday, disrupting transportation and prompting Toyota Motor Corp to suspend operations at 12 of its factories.

Snow leaves 200 tourists stranded in Uttarakhand
18 January 2011
Dehradun: Over 200 people, including tourists, are stranded on national highways and border roads due to heavy snowfall in the higher reaches of Uttarakhand. Around 150 villages are cut-off from the r  read more...
Snow blocked roads in Himachal Pradesh
17 January 2011
Shimla: After three days of rain and snow, weather in Himachal Pradesh cleared on Sunday, but blocked roads and sub-zero temperatures in higher reaches of the state affected normal life.

90,000 plane passengers face delays in USA due to snow
13 January 2011
USA: Thousands of air passengers were today facing hours of delays after blizzards battered 49 of America's 50 states.

At least 90,000 people were caught up in the chaos at airports across the   read more...
Flights to New York airports delays due to snow
08 January 2011
On Friday morning, flights to several Northeast airports are experiencing delays some exceeding two hours due to heavy snow and ice.

At New York La Guardia, ar 
Snowfall closes Edinburgh Airport
08 January 2011
One of Scotland's biggest airports closed earlier as snowfall heralded a fresh bout of travel disruption. Edinburgh Airport said it would be closed until midday after up to 2.5ins (7cm) of snow settle  read more...
Japan snow causes massive traffic jam
07 January 2011
Japan: A 20 kilometer long traffic jam has been cleared in western Japan, nearly two days after it was caused by record snowfall.

The traffic jam was triggered 
Thousands of airline passengers bags mislaid during snow in London
07 January 2011
London: Luggage belonging to thousands of airline passengers was mislaid during the heavy snow before Christmas, it has emerged.

Airlines have been left with  
Heavy snowfall traps tourists in Kullu
01 January 2011
Himachal: A group of tourists was trapped in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district on Friday after heavy snowfall blocked all exit points and created a traffic jam.

Flights from Jammu Kashmir cancelled due to snowfall
31 December 2010
Srinagar: All flights between Srinagar and Jammu were cancelled today following inclement weather due to heavy snowfall, officials said here.

Heavy snowfalls a 
Snow and rain in Himachal attract tourists
31 December 2010
Himachal: Snow on Wednesday attract tourist on the eve of new year  in Himachal, which otherwise dogged them around Christmas. Rohtang Pass received 40 cm of snow, in Kalpa it was 10 cms, in Pin   read more...
Snow at Europe airport
22 December 2010
Europe: A train makes its way through the snow-covered landscape in the western German city of Essen Trains have taken the strain as stranded air passengers opted to travel overland instead

Freezing weather disrupt United Kingdom transport
22 December 2010
London: Transport operators are under severe pressure to get the Christmas getaway back on track after days of disruption caused by the snow.

Heathrow Airport' 
London flights cancelled due to snow
20 December 2010
Mumbai: Major Indian carriers Sunday announced the cancellation of their flights to and from London following the closure of London's Heathrow airport due to heavy snow.
Heathrow Airport shuts down due to heavy snow
20 December 2010
London: Several flight delays and cancellations had to be faced at Heathrow airport, due to bad weather conditions

Europe is f 
1400 airlines canceled as snowfall
13 December 2010
USA: Airlines including American, Delta, Southwest and United canceled more than 1,400 flights from Chicago as a snowstorm that slammed the U.S. Midwest during the weekend moves toward Canada.

Europe freezes as fresh snow causes travel chaos
10 December 2010
Paris: Heavy snow blanketed Paris Wednesday forcing the closure of the Eiffel Tower and briefly shutting its main airport as sub-zero temperatures turned Scottish roads into deadly ice sheets and Spai  read more...
Flights to be canceled because of snow in France
09 December 2010
Paris: On Wednesday, France's civil aviation authority says about 20 % of flights at Paris' main airport are to be canceled because of expected snowfall.

The group asked airlines to cancel some 
Hundreds of drivers stranded in snow overnight
07 December 2010
United Kingdom: Hundreds of drivers were stranded overnight after more snow and ice brought further chaos to the UK.

Scotland saw the worst of the havoc, with  
Due to heavy snow airlines not operating in Europe
02 December 2010
Geneva: Heavy snow and subzero temperatures swept across Europe, killing at least eight homeless people in Poland, closing major airports in Britain and Switzerland and causing hundreds of highway acc  read more...
Heavy Snowfall Causes Air Travel Chaos in United Kingdom
01 December 2010
London: Heavy snowfall has disrupted flights and airports operations causing travel chaos across United Kingdom as many of passengers faces delays and cancellations. Heavy snowfall has caused massive   read more...
Snow hits Scotland and north east of England
25 November 2010
United Kingdom: The Met Office issues warnings for north-east Scotland, stretching as far south as Lincoln shire and by Saturday covering the entire eastern side of Britain, with the possibility of a   read more...
Snowfall in Rohtang
14 September 2010
Rohtang Pass is situated about 51 km from Manali town at an altitude of 4,111 meters (13,400 ft.) on the highway to Keylong, received the season's first snowfall on Monday. Manali-Rohtang highway bloc  read more...
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