17 April 2021
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Fake bomb at phoenix airport
02 April 2012
Phoenix
Dubai Airports eqquiped with Virtual Assitants
15 December 2011
DUBAI: Dubai airport has took a step ahead in a way to make passengers more comfortable through the state-of-the art digital signage solution use the most late  read more...
5.8 Percent Passenger Traffic in Dubai Airport
27 April 2011
Dubai: The Traffic of Passengers rose upto 5.8 percent at Dubai Airport by yearly, in March according to
the Dubai Airpo 
Tornado at St Louis Airport
23 April 2011
Missouri: On Friday night, Heavy winds at the airport of St. Louis from a severe storm caused significant damage, shattered windows and sent debris raining dow  read more...
Airlines of US need a refund if lose bags
21 April 2011
America: According to a new regulation, the airlines of U.S. will require bag fee refunds if the airlines lose bags. Annually more than 2 million bag  read more...
Human Trafficking Racket at IGI Airport
16 April 2011
New Delhi: A human trafficking racket busted by Delhi police at Terminal 3, the IGI Airport. The integrated T3 which is meant to facilitate passengers of conne  read more...
Rape at Denver Airport
15 April 2011
Denver: On Wednesday, A former Marine arrested on suspicion of beating and sexually assaulting a woman inside the Denver Airport according to the Police.<  read more...
Hoax call about a Bomb Blast creates Panic at IGI Airport
06 April 2011
New Delhi: On Tuesday, a hoax call to Air India claimed that there could be a blast in the Air India flight triggered to panic at the Indra Gandhi Interna  read more...
Terrorist of Al-Shabab arrested at airport of Canada
02 April 2011
Toronto: Man was arrested by the Canadian Police at Toronto Pearson airport on Tuesday was supposed to join the militant group. The man was going to join the a  read more...
Tornado flipped Small Planes in Florida
31 March 2011
Florida: According to the airport official, on Thursday, Tornado flipped small planes parked at a regional airport and damaged some hangars in central Flo  read more...
Protests against EasyJet Airlines in Jordan
28 March 2011
Jordan: EasyJet airlines has been expanded its low-cost offering deep in the middle east and launched a new service to Amman, Jordan. Some people have cri  read more...
Moscow Domodedovo Airport
28 March 2011
Moscow: In Moscow two airports will be combined into a single state-owned entity. On Monday Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at government meeting that, this  read more...
New services by Airlines of Asia
28 March 2011
Singapore: Tiger Airways has increased its flights to Jakarta, Kuala Lumper, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, City, Macau, and Manila. Thai Air Asia started a new da  read more...
Bahrain suspended its flights to and from Lebanon
28 March 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain flight has been suspended to and from Lebanon, after it warned its nationals not to travel there following declarations of support by Ira  read more...
Passenger number rises in Singapore's Airlines
28 March 2011
Singapore: Singapore Airlines will provide thrice-weekly services to Sao Paulo via Barcelona from 28th March, 2011 which continent first time in Singapore  read more...
Qantas raises airfares due to rising fuel costs
28 March 2011
Australia: Airfares have been raised  to offset rising fuel costs by Qantas from Australia. The fares will raise up to AUD$10 per sector on dome  read more...
Call off strike in Spain's Airport
27 March 2011
Spain: In Spain airport workers have voted to call off 22 days strike action, on Friday according to a spokesman from Spain's union CCOO.
LA bound to made an emergency landing in Utah
24 March 2011
Los Angles: According to the officials a LA-bound airliner made and emergency landing at Salt Lake City's International Airport. The crew reported that&nb  read more...
6.1 magnitude quake hits North Japan
24 March 2011
Japan: An quake of with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 hits the north japan. There were no immediate reports of any damage or injuries.

Singapore Changi arport registered 3.39 million passenger movements in February 2011
24 March 2011
Singapore: 3.39 million passenger movements in February 2011  registered by Singapore Changi Airport, this figure is up 9.1 per cent compared to a year ago  read more...
Memory cards smuggling through the Airlines
23 March 2011
Delhi: Mobile phone memory cards have been found smuggling at Indra Gandhi International Airport. These memory cards are small, easy to hide and it is ea  read more...
Travellers waited two hours for the pilot to take the flight, in Mumbai
23 March 2011
Mumbai: In Mumbai around 100 passangers were stuck for two hours in a Kingfisher flight on Monday because the crew of cockpit did not report to duty on th  read more...
Delhi Metro to Indira Gandhi airport check in procedure.
18 March 2011
Delhi: By coming May 1 the passengers of  Indira Gandhi International Airport of  New Delhi will be able to get their boarding pass at the Metro stat  read more...
Power cut in Indra Gandhi International Airport
11 March 2011
New Delhi: Great disorder for passenger due to hour-long power failure in Terminal 3 of the Indra Gandhi International Airport. This incident happened due  read more...
8 Airports got permission to operate flights from USA to Cuba
10 March 2011
USA: "Federal approval has been given to Eight airports including Atlanta and Chicago's O'Hare airport to operate charter flights to meet relatives and other limited travel purposes" as per aut  read more...
Jose Mourinho in Airport stabbing scare
05 March 2011
Spain: As per the news, a fan tried to stab Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho at a Spanish airport but ended up injuring his bodyguard instead.

Frankfurt Airport Shooting
02 March 2011
Germany: Two people have died and two other got injured after a gunman opened fire on the bus which was carrying American soldiers at Frankfurt airport.

The shooti 
Technical problem delays Cebu Pacific plane in Iloilo Airport
24 February 2011
Iloilo City: Seventy two passengers bound for Cebu have been stranded at the Iloilo airport since 9:05 a.m. Thursday after a Cebu Pacific plane was delayed due to technical problems.

Delhi Airport Metro Express to Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3
23 February 2011
New Delhi : The Airport Metro Express which will connect Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 will begin its operations from 2 p.m. today. This Metro line i  read more...
Landing scare at IGI Airport
22 February 2011
New Delhi: Passengers of an Air India flight from Patna to Delhi were expecting to touch down at the IGI Airport seconds later when their aircraft that was descending steadily suddenly climbed again i  read more...
Milan airport terminal evacuated after shooting
22 February 2011
Flights out of Milan's Malpensa airport were suspended Monday and a terminal building evacuated after a man smashed his car into the terminal and was shot by a police officer after trying to stab him.  read more...
Fog disrupts flight operations at IGI Airport
22 February 2011
New Delhi: Dense fog disrupted flight operations at the IGI airport this morning leading to diversion of three flights.

A number of flights got delayed while t 
Many flights canceled or delayed at Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport
22 February 2011
The Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport is open, but many flights have been delayed or canceled, according to airports website.

Fifteen departures hav 
Plane makes emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport this morning after the pilot reported a burning smell in the cockpit.

Lufthansa passenger plane makes emergency landing at Ezeiza airport
22 February 2011
An Germany bound Lufthansa passenger plane carrying over 200 people had an emergency landing at the Ezeiza Airport after calling in reporting an engine malfunction for reasons that remain to be invest  read more...
Miami bound flight makes emergency landing at Las Americas
22 February 2011
Santo Domingo: A serious hydraulic system failure on Sunday forced an American Airlines Boeing 767 jet with 188 passengers on board heading to Miami from Port-au-Prince to make an emergency landin  read more...
Malaysian plane makes emergency landing at IGI Airport
21 February 2011
New Delhi: Passengers of a Malaysia Airlines flight had a close shave on Sunday as one engine of their aircraft failed soon after take off. Almost two hours after it departed from Delhi for Kuala Lump  read more...
Flights cancelled as cyclone batters Fiji
21 February 2011
Fiji: National airline Air Pacific has renewed calls to customers to check their website or contact their call centre for the latest information regarding their flights.

System glitch delays 64 flights at Kuala Lumpur Airport
19 February 2011
Kuala Lumpur: Sixty four flights were delayed due to a three hour partial system failure of the Air Traffic Management System that controls all departures and arrivals of aircraft at the Kuala Lumpur   read more...
Fog continues to disrupt air traffic in Lucknow
19 February 2011
Lucknow: Low visibility following foggy weather continued to disrupt air traffic at Amausi airport on Friday morning. Three flights two from Delhi and one from Mumbai arrived late much to the disc  read more...
Kerala capital gets new air terminal
18 February 2011
Kerala: Thiruvananthapuram: Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh yesterday declared open the new terminal of the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, giving a boost to the air travel conveni  read more...
Fog disrupts air operations at IGI airport
17 February 2011
New Delhi: The mercury dipped below normal in the national capital this morning, while a thick layer of fog disrupted flight operations in the early hours.

Tanzanian couple caught with bullets at Hyderabad airport
16 February 2011
Hyderabad: A couple from Tanzania, who had come to the city for treatment, were caught on Tuesday at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad with seven live bullets. They were detained for   read more...
Passenger held at IGI airport with cameras and lenses in Air Conditioner
12 February 2011
A passenger at the Indira Gandhi International Airport was arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to smuggle in digital SLR cameras and lenses inside an air conditioner.
Robbinsville Airport shut in bomb scare
11 February 2011
Robbinsville: A beeping metal detector inside a UPS package caused a bomb scare that shut down Trenton-Robbinsville Airport yesterday morning.

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Cork Airport closed after Fatal plane crash
11 February 2011
Ireland: Cork Airport's main runway will remain closed until 4pm today as a result of the horrific plane crash which killed six people.

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Warning light forces plane to make emergency landing at Easterwood
11 February 2011
USA: A warning light forced a College Station bound plane to declare an emergency landing at Easterwood Airport Thursday evening.

A United Continental Airlines 
Man caught laden with rare animals at Thai airport
11 February 2011
Bangkok: Dozens of snakes, boxes of spiders and one of the world's rarest tortoises were among hundreds of live animals found in a man's airport luggage after a shopping spree at a Bangkok market.
More flights for Patna
11 February 2011
Patna: Flyers to and from the state capital will soon have many more flights as various airlines gear up to either resume their suspended flights or introduce new ones.

Flight to Tokyo delayed after knife found on board
10 February 2011
Bloomington: A plane leaving the Minneapolis to St. Paul International Airport headed for Tokyo on Tuesday had to be sent back to the gate and deplaned after a knife was found on board, the Metropolit  read more...
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