19 August 2019
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Air Charters News
Tornado flipped Small Planes in Florida
31 March 2011
Florida: According to the airport official, on Thursday, Tornado flipped small planes parked at a regional airport and damaged some hangars in central Flo  read more...
No landing in Krachi
10 March 2011
Karachi:On Tuesday, The Mani Sankar Aiyar hitched a ride to peace mission to pakistan. But they were refused permission to land in Karachi. M.S. Aiyar is the jo  read more...
Helicopter makes emergency landing at Florida
24 February 2011
Florida: A helicopter made an emergency landing early Tuesday morning. It happened around 6:10 a.m. on SR 50 near Taylor Creek Road.

The Florida Highway Patrol 
Ultralight plane crashes in Stetson
18 February 2011
Stetson: Police say a Maine pilot suffered minor injuries when his ultralight plane crashed in Stetson.

Maine State Police say the small two seater plane had e  read more...
Small plane has emergency landing in Danville
16 February 2011
Danville: A small plane had a small emergency and landed at a small Indiana airport Monday.

The single engine Piper
Charter plane crashes near Springdale Airport
14 February 2011
Canada: A plane crash near Springdale airport injures two men.

Police Lt. Kevin Lewis says the crash occurred around 5:  read more...
False alarm delays flights at Northwest Florida Regional Airport
14 February 2011
Eglin Afb: A Northwest Florida Regional Airport fire alarm that delayed Sunday morning flights turned out to be a false one.

Manx2 Airline resumes flights on Cork to Belfast route
14 February 2011
Ireland: The airline whose service was involved in last week’s tragedy at Cork Airport has resumed its flights between Belfast and Cork.

Charter Plane Crash in Western Indonesia
12 February 2011
Jakarta: On Saturday 12th February 2011 a small passenger charter plane bel  read more...
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