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Incident News
Double Quake Hits Spanish Town
11 May 2011
Lorca: Around 10 people have been killed including a child in two strong earthquake struck in south Spain. Dozens of people have been injured in the earthquake  read more...
Flight Diverted in US after Man Tried to Open Door of the Plane
09 May 2011
Houston: A Continental flight which was bound for Chicago made an emergency landing at St. Louis after a passenger tried to open the exit door to get out   read more...
Yuan rises past key level
30 April 2011
China: The currency Yuan has climbed up to a good level of 6.5 per dollar. This all happened after a span of 17 years.The strengthening of Yuan would make it e  read more...
Severe Storms in Alabama
27 April 2011
Alabama: On Wednesday, Around Dozens of people have been killed in severe storms in Alabama and several other southern states. The Storms even leveling bu  read more...
Passenger Attacked a Flight Attendant
25 April 2011
Rome: An aglitated passenger attacked a flight attendant and asked that the flight be diverted to Triploli Libya, on late Sunday. It was an Alitalia flight 329  read more...
Air Traffic controller watched movie at the time of Duty
19 April 2011
Ohio: In Ohio, an air traffic controller and his manager have been suspended. The air traffic controller and his manager were found watching movie at the   read more...
Tornado struck in Oklahoma
15 April 2011
Oklahoma: According to the authorities, A relatively large tornado became the reason of some damages and 1 death in Southwest Oklahoma on Thursday, a wave  read more...
Rape at Denver Airport
15 April 2011
Denver: On Wednesday, A former Marine arrested on suspicion of beating and sexually assaulting a woman inside the Denver Airport according to the Police.<  read more...
China and India border talks mechanism
14 April 2011
Beijing: On Wednesday, two countries China and India reached an inprinciple agreement for setting up working mechanism for consultations and coordination on bo  read more...
ATCS Asleep on The Job in US Nevada
14 April 2011
Nevada: Two more Air Traffic Cotrollers have been suspended by US aviation regulators. The air traffic controllers fell asleep during on their job, includ  read more...
U.S. Warned of travel on Mexican buses
12 April 2011
America: U.S. warned of travel on Mexican buses because raids on Mexican buses by criminals have led to kidnapping of one American, the U.S. consulate sai  read more...
Alaska Air Flight Returned After Bird hit
11 April 2011
California: On Saturday, A flight of Alaska Airlines returned after one of its jet engines sucked a bird inside, the incident occurs after it took off fr  read more...
Full Face Veil in France bans from Today
11 April 2011
France: In France, a new law has come into action from today, which makes it an offence for Muslim women to conceal their faces with a veil in public.read more...
Woman Delivered a Baby in Flight
09 April 2011
Delhi: In a Spicejet flight which was coming through Kolkata to Delhi, a woman delivered a baby girl on board, Friday morning. The mother of baby girl Chi  read more...
Hawaii Island may get hit with some trash from Tsunami
07 April 2011
Hawaii: Hawaiian Islands may get some Giant island of debris floating from japan. This debris may be come by coming months.
Pilot Pleads Not Guilty To Drunk While Flying
06 April 2011
America: A pilot of commercial airlne charged with flying drunk while serving second-in-command on a United Express flight pleads not guilty in US federal  read more...
Hoax call about a Bomb Blast creates Panic at IGI Airport
06 April 2011
New Delhi: On Tuesday, a hoax call to Air India claimed that there could be a blast in the Air India flight triggered to panic at the Indra Gandhi Interna  read more...
Philippine Airlines flight made an emergency landing due to bomb scare
24 March 2011
San Francisco: A bomb threat evacuated a Philippine Airlines Flight as it touched San Francisco International Airport. A telephone call was made to the Ph  read more...
Fire made an emergency landing in Sydney
24 March 2011
Sydney: Fire in cockpit made an emergency landing at Cairns. In a Qantas Airbus A330-200 an electrical fault became the reason of fire near the left   read more...
Landing scare at IGI Airport
22 February 2011
New Delhi: Passengers of an Air India flight from Patna to Delhi were expecting to touch down at the IGI Airport seconds later when their aircraft that was descending steadily suddenly climbed again i  read more...
Milan airport terminal evacuated after shooting
22 February 2011
Flights out of Milan's Malpensa airport were suspended Monday and a terminal building evacuated after a man smashed his car into the terminal and was shot by a police officer after trying to stab him.  read more...
Qantas plane loses pressure mid flight
25 January 2011
Sydney: Australian airline Qantas said an air conditioning problem likely caused one of its jets to depressurise mid flight on Tuesday, prompting the pilot to rapidly descend and panicking passengers.  read more...
Suicide bomber kills 35 peoples at Russia biggest airport
25 January 2011
Russia: At least 35 people were killed and about 130 injured on Monday in a suicide bombing at Russia’s biggest airport. 

Airport employees broke down  
Air Canada flight to Zurich injures 7 passengers
15 January 2011
Seven passengers on an Air Canada flight were taken to hospital in Switzerland on Friday after encountering severe turbulence toward the end of their transatlantic flight.

South Korean tourist found dead at New Zealand South Island
08 December 2010
Wellington: New Zealand police believe a South Korean tourist wandered off a track near the Franz Josef glacier on the west coast of New Zealand South Island and fell to his death.

Aerobridge hits Kingfisher aircraft at Indira Gandhi Airport
08 December 2010
New Delhi: On Tuesday, a Kingfisher aircraft was hit and its door damaged by an aerobridge at Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Bangalore- 
Egypt Shark Attack in Sharm el-Sheikh Resort
03 December 2010
Egypt: Two sharks suspected of mauling four tourists at a Red Sea resort have been caught, the Egyptian Environment Ministry has said.

Sharks attacked tourists 
Passenger strips naked on Chicago to New York flight
30 November 2010
USA: Police have removed an emotionally disturbed passenger who stripped naked on a flight. The incident happened on the weekend on board a Delta Airlines flight between Chicago and New York, US.
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Stampede in Cambodia water festival
23 November 2010
Phnom Penh: On Monday, a stampede occurred during a water festival in Cambodia. 339 people died and more than 300 were injured in a stampede.

Most of the vict 
Airplane incident in Indonesia
19 November 2010
Indonesia:  The super-sized airliner was climbing thousands of feet over Indonesia. The next, the engine exploded, shooting flames and shrapnel through one wing. Computer warnings of impending sy  read more...
Passenger found dead aboard Air India flight
19 November 2010
New Delhi: On Thursday, a passenger (Balbir Singh) on a London to New Delhi flight was found dead. He was on board Air India London-Delhi-Amritsar flight (AI 116). When he was found unconscious in his  read more...
Kingfisher plane suffers bird hits while landing
16 November 2010
16Nov, Mumbai: On Monday, A Kingfisher aircraft from Delhi with 160 people on board suffered a bird hit while landing at the airport here that left one of its engines damaged.

Colombian blast at airport
04 November 2010
04Nov, Bogota:  On Wednesday an explosion took place at the Colombia Villavicencio airport causing damage and the shut down of operations, media reported.

Series of bomb attacks target embassies in Athens
03 November 2010
03Nov,Athens:  On Tuesday a bomb exploded out side the embassy in Athens and Greek police found suspect packages at two other embassies, in the latest wave of parcel bomb attacks in the Greek cap  read more...
Indonesian Pilot suspended
02 November 2010
Indonesia : The Lion Air Boeing 737 was carrying 169 passengers and six crew members when it skidded off the runway and plunged into a muddy field. 

The pi 
Car bomb defused at Belfast Airport
01 November 2010
31Oct, Dublin:  Irish Republic Army dissidents planted a car bomb in a parking lot at Belfast International Airport but it failed to detonate.

Bomb exper 
Security alert on all USA airports
30 October 2010
30Oct Saturday: Australian authorities are on alert after a suspected bomb was found on Friday in Britain on board a cargo plane. Security staff found printer cartridges with wires attached at cargo h  read more...
Tourist couple abused during Maldives wedding
30 October 2010
29Oct, Friday:  In Maldives Vilu Reef resort, A Swiss couple who thought they were taking part in marriage renewal ceremony conducted in the local Dhivehi language. But the officiant used the occ  read more...
Sherpa guide lost in Nepal avalanche
28 October 2010
26 Oct, Tuesday:  In eastern Nepal, A famed Everest Sherpa guide, Chhewang Nima is feared dead after being struck by an avalanche while nearing the peak of the  7129m Mt Baruntse. He was lea  read more...
Flight tyre burst at Patna airport
27 October 2010
27Oct, Patna: On Tuesday Sixty five passengers on an Air India flight (New Delhi-Patna) had a close shave, when a tyre of the plane burst during taxiing after landing.

The pilot stopped the fli 
Merapi Volcano Erupts
27 October 2010
27Oct Merapi: On Tuesday, One of Indonesia's most active volcanoes spewed out clouds of ash and jets of searing gas  in an eruption that has killed at least 30 people, including an old man who re  read more...
Jet Airways hits Kingfisher at Mumbai Airport
25 October 2010
Oct 23, 2010: At Mumbai International Airport, A Jet Airways Plane with 122 passengers on board hit a stationary Kingfisher Plane. While pushing back the Jet aircraft from bay 85, the aircraft's wing   read more...
Technical snag delays Jet flight to Chandigarh
25 October 2010
23Oct Saturday:  At Delhi Airport, A Jet Airways flight to Chandigarh was stranded for more than one-and-a-half hours. The Passengers had to wait inside the aircraft before the flight took off on  read more...
Indian origin pilot of Qatar Airways died mid flight
15 October 2010
An Indian pilot with Qatar Airways died mid-flight due to a massive heart attack when the plane carrying 260 passengers was on its way to Doha from Manila, forcing the co-pilot to make emergency landi  read more...
Pamplona Bull Race Two injured in first day of running of the bulls
09 July 2010
In Pamplona, the annual running of the bulls has started from Wednesday. On this first day hundreds of runners had to endure a very bad situation. All of them got success and saved their lives, but ju  read more...
Tour boat capsizes off Galapagos Danes 61 dies
04 July 2010
Ecuadorean officials say a tour boat has capsized off the Galapagos Islands, killing a Danish man on board.

Galapagos National Park spokeswoman Vanessa Garcia  
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