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Turkey Events
Anniversary Of Ataturks Death Turkey
10-10 November 2010
Turkish people pay tribute to the father of their modern republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, with nationwide memorial services on November 10th of every year.

Dur 
Cumhuriyet Bayrami Turkey
29-29 October 2010
Republic Day is celebrated on 29 October and marks the day in 1923 when Turkey's constitution was changed, freeing it from the grasp of the Ottoman Empire, to become a republic.

Victory Day Turkey
30-30 August 2010
This 30th day of August is celebrated with great enthusiam throughout the country. It is a public holiday in Turkey.People hoist the national flag on this day.

Ataturk Youth Day Turkey
19-19 May 2010
This annual holiday in Turkey commemorates Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and has been celebrated since 1933, marking the Turkish war of Independence and honours the pioneer Ataturk.

National Sovereignty Turkey
23-23 April 2010
Every year on April 23, Turkey commemorates the opening of the country’s National Assembly in 1920 when Turkey was in war and campaigning for its national independence and the abolition of the Treat  read more...
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