17 April 2021
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United States of America Events
Pearl Harbor Day United States of America
07-07 December 2010
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is annually on December 7, commemorates the attack on Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, during World War II.

Many American  
Thanksgiving Day
25-25 November 2010
Thanksgiving Day in the United States started as a way of giving thanks to food collected from a good harvest or problems that were fixed.

It is celebrated wi 
Veterans Day United States of America
11-11 November 2010
Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 in honor of those who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

It is a legal federal holiday.It is a ce  read more...
United Nations Day
24-24 October 2010
The anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter on 24 October 1945 has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948.

It has traditio 
Discovery of America
12-12 October 2010
One of the most significant dates during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs was 12th October 1492 the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

When Christ 
World Tourism Day
27-27 September 2010
Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day on September 27. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted.

West Indian American Parade in Brooklyn New York City
06-06 September 2010
The West-Indian American Day Parade is New York City's largest parade.

The West Indian-American Day Parade brings together a group of people with diverse islan  read more...
Independence Day United States of America
04-04 July 2010
Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence   read more...
Fall of Saigon United States of America
29-29 April 2010
On April 29, 1975, America withdrew completely from Saigon, leaving the old noncommunist capital to fall to North Vietnamese tanks.

Twenty-five years later in 
Earth Day
22-22 April 2010
Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States founded Earth Day. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the United States.

Earth Day is the largest 
Pan American Day Honduras
14-14 April 2010
Day of the Americas or Pan American Day is celebrated in the country of Honduras every 14th of April.

It is actually observed by every American nations as a sy  read more...
Washingtons Birthday United States of America
22-22 February 2010
Washington's Birthday is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of February.

It originally honored the life and work of George Washington, the first presid  read more...
Presidents Day United States of America
15-15 February 2010
U.S. Presidents Day, officially known as Washington's Birthday, is a federal holiday in the United States and is celebrated on the third Monday of February.

Lincolns Birthday United States of America
12-12 February 2010
Lincoln’s Birthday celebrates the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most popular presidents in United States history.

Various activities such as re-ena 
Martin Luther King Jr United States of America
15-15 January 2010
Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was born January 15, 1929. If he lived, he would have turned seventy-nine years old.

In the early 1960s, King focused 
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