17 April 2021
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United States of America News
USA Plane Crashes into supermarket
03 April 2012
Florida: On monday evening a small expermental name at florida crash into shopping center and sputtered into flames, resulting five people injured frightened shoppers running on the complex; as p  read more...
Fake bomb at phoenix airport
02 April 2012
Phoenix
IPad for USA pilots
15 December 2011
WASHINGTON: Apple's iPad will now be use by American Airlines pilots during takeoff and landing.American Airlines began testing iPads as "electronic fli  read more...
Explore California's untamed landscape
13 September 2011

California : My mind seemed to scream out to me, warning me against the lunacy of what I was asking of it. I was willing it to make me jump into  read more...
USF-16 fighters escort 2 flights after alerts
12 September 2011
US F-16 fighters escort 2 flights after alerts:

New York: US Air Force fighters were scrambled a  read more...
12 Tourists rescued off Panama coast
12 September 2011

Panama City : Sep 13 (IANS) Twelve tourists who were stranded off the Panama coast after their boat broke down have been rescued, Xinhua   read more...
USA to Reform Tourist Visa System
14 May 2011
USA: Travel Association of US has announced a plan to help reform the visa process that it said that it can create around 1.3 million US jobs and add USD$859 b  read more...
Flight Diverted in US after Man Tried to Open Door of the Plane
09 May 2011
Houston: A Continental flight which was bound for Chicago made an emergency landing at St. Louis after a passenger tried to open the exit door to get out   read more...
Train crashes into a platform in New Jersey
09 May 2011
New Jersey: On Sunday, around 30 people have been injured in the train. The train hit a rubberized barrier
at the e 
American Airlines Flight made an Emergency Landing
07 May 2011
Miami: A flight of American Airlines which was supposed to go San Francisco with 166 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Las Vegas on Friday.  read more...
US Airways to Increase its Fares
27 April 2011
America: Due to higher fuel costs the US Airways and Delta Airlines are going to increase the price of their fares and would provide fewer seats from comi  read more...
Severe Storms in Alabama
27 April 2011
Alabama: On Wednesday, Around Dozens of people have been killed in severe storms in Alabama and several other southern states. The Storms even leveling bu  read more...
Tornado at St Louis Airport
23 April 2011
Missouri: On Friday night, Heavy winds at the airport of St. Louis from a severe storm caused significant damage, shattered windows and sent debris raining dow  read more...
Airlines of US need a refund if lose bags
21 April 2011
America: According to a new regulation, the airlines of U.S. will require bag fee refunds if the airlines lose bags. Annually more than 2 million bag  read more...
Dry winds in Texas become the hamper for firefighters
21 April 2011
Texas: Thursday, In some parts Texas some fire friendly conditions are expected to return where the firefighters have been struggling with blazes. The war  read more...
Fire in Texas destroyed more than 170 homes
20 April 2011
Texas: Fire in Texas has burned more than 1 million acres in past two weeks, the firefighters had to struggle with 11 new fires on Tuesday. The fire flame  read more...
Tornado hits Southern United States Death toll risen to 45
19 April 2011
Oklahoma: The Death toll has been risen to 45 due to the devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the Southern United States. The towns and ci  read more...
Air Traffic controller watched movie at the time of Duty
19 April 2011
Ohio: In Ohio, an air traffic controller and his manager have been suspended. The air traffic controller and his manager were found watching movie at the   read more...
Tornado struck in Oklahoma
15 April 2011
Oklahoma: According to the authorities, A relatively large tornado became the reason of some damages and 1 death in Southwest Oklahoma on Thursday, a wave  read more...
Rape at Denver Airport
15 April 2011
Denver: On Wednesday, A former Marine arrested on suspicion of beating and sexually assaulting a woman inside the Denver Airport according to the Police.<  read more...
ATCS Asleep on The Job in US Nevada
14 April 2011
Nevada: Two more Air Traffic Cotrollers have been suspended by US aviation regulators. The air traffic controllers fell asleep during on their job, includ  read more...
U.S. Warned of travel on Mexican buses
12 April 2011
America: U.S. warned of travel on Mexican buses because raids on Mexican buses by criminals have led to kidnapping of one American, the U.S. consulate sai  read more...
Washington DC Metro Bomb Plot
12 April 2011
Washington DC: On Monday, Farooque Ahmed a U.S citizen who is originally from Pakistan was sentenced to 23 years in prison. He admitted to conspiring to p  read more...
Alaska Air Flight Returned After Bird hit
11 April 2011
California: On Saturday, A flight of Alaska Airlines returned after one of its jet engines sucked a bird inside, the incident occurs after it took off fr  read more...
Tornado hits Iowa
11 April 2011
Iowa: On Saturday, a small Iowa town of Mapleton has been hit by a tornado. The tornado became the causing of substanial damage. Some buildings and homes were   read more...
Active Atlantic hurricane season expected
07 April 2011
Colorado: A nationallly recognized forecast center said that the 2011 Atlantic basin will see an average hurricane season. There is a possibility of   read more...
Pilot Pleads Not Guilty To Drunk While Flying
06 April 2011
America: A pilot of commercial airlne charged with flying drunk while serving second-in-command on a United Express flight pleads not guilty in US federal  read more...
Tornado hits South America
05 April 2011
South America: A tornado affect some places in South America at night on Monday. The tornado and thunderstorms became the reason of injuries, damages and   read more...
Southwest Airlines continues to cancel its flights
04 April 2011
United States of America: The Airline carrier Southwest airlines has cut some flights again on Monday. It has cut 70 flights as it continued to inspect Bo  read more...
Flights to Japan have reduced from America
02 April 2011
America: The air carrier of America American Airlines cut its number of flights to Japan. It would reduce two of its six daily flights to Japan from April  read more...
Tornado flipped Small Planes in Florida
31 March 2011
Florida: According to the airport official, on Thursday, Tornado flipped small planes parked at a regional airport and damaged some hangars in central Flo  read more...
Continental Airlines will start providing wi fi
24 March 2011
New York: Continental Airlines are going to offer wi-fi in the sky route.The airlines has signed the deal with the inflight entertainment provider, company will   read more...
LA bound to made an emergency landing in Utah
24 March 2011
Los Angles: According to the officials a LA-bound airliner made and emergency landing at Salt Lake City's International Airport. The crew reported that&nb  read more...
Philippine Airlines flight made an emergency landing due to bomb scare
24 March 2011
San Francisco: A bomb threat evacuated a Philippine Airlines Flight as it touched San Francisco International Airport. A telephone call was made to the Ph  read more...
8 Airports got permission to operate flights from USA to Cuba
10 March 2011
USA: "Federal approval has been given to Eight airports including Atlanta and Chicago's O'Hare airport to operate charter flights to meet relatives and other limited travel purposes" as per aut  read more...
Helicopter makes emergency landing at Florida
24 February 2011
Florida: A helicopter made an emergency landing early Tuesday morning. It happened around 6:10 a.m. on SR 50 near Taylor Creek Road.

The Florida Highway Patrol 
Magnitude 4.3 earthquake shakes Mendocino County
24 February 2011
California: At approximately 8:50 p.m. Tuesday evening, a magnitude 4.3 quake was felt locally.

The epicenter of the seismic activity was located three miles b  read more...
Plane crashes near Connersville
24 February 2011
Indiana: The pilot of a small aircraft was killed after a plane crashed in Connersville

Indiana State Police Pendleton District troopers are assisting the Fede  read more...
Delta to eliminate flights from Toledo Express
24 February 2011
Toledo: Officials announced Tuesday that Delta will be canceling all service to Toledo effective March 13.

After several attempts to improve the performance of 
2.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Sonoma County
22 February 2011
A 2.2 magnitude earthquake shook Sonoma County early this morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake struck at about 3:56 a.m. and was centere  read more...
Plane makes emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport this morning after the pilot reported a burning smell in the cockpit.

Many flights canceled or delayed at Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport
22 February 2011
The Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport is open, but many flights have been delayed or canceled, according to airports website.

Fifteen departures hav 
3.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Wildomar
21 February 2011
Wildomar: A 3.9-magnitude earthquake hit one mile west of Wildomar and rattled Riverside County on Sunday.

An early USGS report stated the quake hit at approxi  read more...
Delta flight makes emergency landing in Florida
21 February 2011
Florida: A Delta Air Lines flight from Florida to Minneapolis made an emergency return landing in Florida Sunday after one of its engines broke apart, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

< 
Minor earthquake hits near Tres Pinos
19 February 2011
A 3.2 magnitude earthquake occurred Friday morning near Tres Pinos, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake happened at 8:39 a.m. and registered at   read more...
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Baja
19 February 2011
California: The National Earthquake Center in Golden, says a preliminary magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Baja, Mexico, Friday south of San Luis, Arizona.

Seism 
2 jets land safely in Massachusetts after lightning strike
19 February 2011
USA: Two JetBlue airliners en route to Boston were struck by lightning late last night, forcing one to make an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit.

False alarm delays flights at Reagan National Airport
19 February 2011
US: A flight had an emergency landing at Reagan National Airport on Friday morning due to a false alarm. US Airways flight 3116 from Manchester was descending into the airport when a flight attend  read more...
Ultralight plane crashes in Stetson
18 February 2011
Stetson: Police say a Maine pilot suffered minor injuries when his ultralight plane crashed in Stetson.

Maine State Police say the small two seater plane had e  read more...
A small airplane landed in Idaho Falls after a lightning strike
17 February 2011
USA: Wednesday night weather caused problems for a single engine plane.

According to Idaho Falls Police lightning hit the two seat plane forcing it to make an   read more...
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