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Exploding bullets cause bomb scare at Miami International Airport
30 December
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Miami : A US man was detained Tuesday after ammunition parts in his luggage exploded as baggage handlers were moving it from one plane to another at Miami airport, officials said.

The Miami-Dade bomb squad responded after the explosion, which took place as a baggage handler was taking luggage off of American Airlines flight 2585, which had just arrived from Boston.

The FBI said the 37-year-old man was a US citizen whose luggage contained several hundred primers, which ignite the powder charge in a cartridge. He is being charged with traveling without a license to carry ammunition.

The passenger and his luggage had already flown from Boston to Miami and were headed for Jamaica, according to local media.

Under US law, passengers are allowed to pack guns and ammunition in their checked luggage, but it is illegal to have primers, black powder or percussion caps.

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