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Road Travel:
Today, there are well maintained Interstate Highways that run from state to state, and a person can drive continuously from coast to coast, or from Canada and Mexico, and to most locations in between. State roads are also maintained and connect smaller towns and cities to the Interstate Highways (think of it as a huge web, with the Interstate highways the main strands, and the state highways the smaller, interconnecting ones). Local farm roads or county roads fill in the network at the rural level.

And Americans do use these roads, as they travel to work, on vacation, to visit family and friends, or for leisure time activities. In fact, it may seem in some large cities that people are always driving somewhere, and the major roads are literally packed with people during "rush hour" (the morning and evening hours when most people are going to and then returning from work).

Public Transportation:
Most large cities will have some form of public transportation or transit, such as bus lines, subways, or commuter trains. For instance, in New York city and the suburbs of Washington, DC, many people take commuter trains and subway trains (underground trains) from the outlying regions into the city to work during the day, then return on the train in the evening. There is often parking at the station in the outlying city or town, and people will go to their car from the train station and drive home.

All major cities have some form of bus transportations. Typically, these routes will be differentiated by color code (such as a "blue" or "green" route, for example) and by route numbers. A "blue 10" route may be different from a "green 10 route". It is important to check a bus schedule that will tell you the times that the buses come to the terminals or to the bus stops (small covered benches at the side of the street along the route). Many buses will stop at a bus stop every ten or fifteen minutes, but they may be going different routes, which is why checking the number (and color) is important. Soon you will be able to memorize a route and schedule that you use frequently, and will know that the 8:10 am blue bus with the number 15 is the one that goes near your work.

Air Travel
Some people travel by airplane for business reasons: for instance, if an important business meeting or conference is in another state, then your business may pay for you to fly there. Often your work will make the arrangements. If you are flying for private reasons, you can contact an airline agency directly, or a local travel agent to help with making a reservation. Normally once reservations are made, they cannot be changed without paying a fee or percent of the original fare. Sometimes certain days of the week and/or certain times of day will have lower fares than others, so be sure to compare rates for different flights to the same destination. Prices may also vary between airlines. And normally the further ahead a flight is booked, the cheaper it is.

Increased security at airports has been a topic in recent news, and if you choose to fly, you will need to have your luggage and carry bags x-rayed and checked before traveling at security points near the entrances to departure gates.

You may choose to carpool to work with others. In carpools, people take turns driving, and usually several people go in one automobile to save on gas (and to cut down on pollution). One advantage of carpooling in some large cities is that there are special carpool lanes that you can use when driving if there are two or more passengers in the car. These lanes often move more quickly than the normal lanes during rush hour.

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