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Decoration Day Liberia
14-14 March
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Liberia whose capital is Monrovia, a country located in Africa’s west coast bordering Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Côte d’Ivoire celebrates Decoration Day every year on the 14th of March.

The date of the celebration may change but usually fall on the second Wednesday of March. Decoration Day is also known as Memorial Day because the day serves to commemorate the departed loved ones of the people of Liberian. It is also the day to commemorate those whose lives were perished after the more than 14 years of civil war that plagued the African region destroying among others the cultural, political, and economic foundation of the nation. During the celebration of the Decoration Day in Liberia, people usually visit the cemeteries to paint the tomb of their departed loved. Apart from painting the tombs, some people put in inscriptions directly lifted from the Bible and draw popular Christian images and insignia such as the hands of Jesus praying. The government may hold a ceremonial speech for all the fallen heroes of the more than one decade of civil war in the country. Since this is a public holiday in Liberia, offices of both public and private companies in the country close to give way for the celebration of the event and visit the graveyard of their loved ones. At the cemetery, people celebrate the event by signing, and the traditional libation (pouring any alcoholic beverage) of the graves of the dead. The government also holds ceremonial speeches and activities including the hoisting of the National Flag of the republic. Private residences are also seen to hang flags at their home.

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