14 May 2021
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Hotel Annapurna Bad Experience
22 June

From: Rakesh Goyal
To: hotel@annapurna.com/np
Sent: Tue, 22 June, 2010 2:02:56 AM
Subject: Most Uncomfortable Stay in Annapurna Hotel

Dear Sir,


This is to inform you that we have booked your hotel for stay during our visit to Nepal – Kathmandu for three days from 18th June 2010 till 21st June 2010.


We have gathered the informations from Website to check the best hotel for our stay in Kathmandu. We could finalise your hotel keeping in view the informations provided at your website.


We have asked our agent to book at your hotel against his wishes. He being the experience holder tried to convince us to stay in any other hotel to get a comfortable stay but we insisted and asked him to book at your hotel.  He suggested us to stay in Radisson or any other hotel but we have paid more to stay in your hotel, since the information provided at your site says – “Athiti Devo Bhawa – Guests are like Gods”


We were allotted Room No. 3020 & 3022 since we have booked 2 rooms for 4 person. And the torture begins ……

We have booked for Deluxe Rooms whereas we have allotted Superior rooms at the cost of Deluxe Rooms.  Even please find below the deviations from your website for  Superior Rooms


Sr. No.

Informations from your Website for Superior Rooms

You Offer Practically


Welcome drinks & fruit basket on Arrival at hotel room

No welcome, No welcome drink, No fruit basket in any of the rooms.


24 hours Housekeeping/Room service

Worst housekeeping. I have travelled to almost all countries of the world and stayed in 5 star hotels only, but I never come across with this type ofWorst  House keeping. They can not provide clean Towels, can not provide Toiletaries, Napkins in proper condition. Even they can not provide Drinking Water. We have to ask atleast 10 times to get the water even. We even have to call Reception/Duty Manager to get the water. You can think of your 5 star hotel services.


Air Conditioning

Not working properly. Sweating in Airconditioned room??? Complained 6 times, checked the same once but no change in cooling. Room temp is more than 26 degrees all the time in running AC at Max Cooling. You may check the rooms.


Bathroom Amenities

Amenities which you have provided include Soap, Shampoo & Body Lotion. These are available in One star hotel also. If you need extra any time, which we have asked once, we get the reply that we provide these only once in  a day. What is this??? Five star or a Dhaba???


Coffee maker

Not available in any of the rooms. We have asked for Coffee maker, but we were replied that we don’t provide Coffee maker in Superior rooms, they why you have published in your site that you provide Coffee maker in Superior rooms also. But when we insisted, we were told that you don’t have Coffee maker and would be provided Next day. Why you have taken the booking or why you have written false informations on the site.


Connecting rooms

Not provided, even booked two rooms.


Hair Dryer

Provided as a showpiece but not working. Complained many times but nobody is listening.


Wi Fi connectivity

Not available in room. Whereas you have mentioned that Wi Fi connectivity is avaialbale in all rooms. We were asked to do the job at Business centre in hotel  Why????


Ironing Board

Not available in any of the rooms. We asked the same and we were told again the same answer that we don’t provide Ironing Board in Superior rooms. They why you publish wrong informations on your site????


Refrigrator Luxurios and Upgraded furnishings

No Refrigrator available in any of the rooms. We  asked for Cold water, even that is not provided in your hotel. You say – Your hotel is Five star – Shit and shame on you????


Separate seating Area

Provided  a little space with only  one chair to accommodate only one person. Two persons can not sit in the room.


Newspaper & Magazines

Nothing is provided in any of the rooms. Not even the Newspaper. Why????


Telephone – Auto wake up

Not used so can’t comment


Telephone with Date Port

Again we were told that Superior rooms can’t use this facility. Why???


Thermostat – Adjustable

Not working in any of the rooms at Cooling position.Complained many times. No change. Can not comment for Heating side, since not required.


60 channel TV CABLE

Not used, so can’t coment.


Premium HBO, CNN

Not Used, So can’t comment


Work Desk with lamp

You have put the Television on the work desk, so the space on Work Desk is gone with TV.


Mini Bar

Not available in any of the rooms.


Personal Safe Deposit Box

Not available in any of the rooms.


With getting these type of services, you can easily understand that we have not used your Hotel Business Services & Hotel Leisure services.

 We do understand from some customer that your Room Service has stolen Rs. 10,000.00 from their room and they have complained to your Duty Manager but he does not seem interested to trace the culprit, during our stay period only.

We have informed one day advance to your Front Desk Reception to arrange our Check Out and arrange for transfer to Airport at 8.10 a.m., since we have to catch the International flight of Nepal Airline at 11.10 a.m., nobody is bothered to arrange the same. We have reminded at 7.30 a.m. on 21st, 8.00 a.m. on 21st and 8.30a.m. on 21st and we were arranged Non A.C. CAR at 9.15 a.m.


So you must understand how you have spoiled our vacations, time and money for staying in your hotel against our experienced Travel agent. You have treated like this “Customer is a Murga, since you got the money in Advance and can treat as per your choice”

If  this hotel is in India and somebody in India would have cheated me like this I would have definitely put a case against them. But I would suggest you to immediately change the facility offered for your customers at the Website within two days, otherwise I would put the exact offering with my true experience  at Website.


We have booked the hotel after getting the informations from Website and we hope that you should not fool and spoil the mood of any further Indian atleast.



Mobile No. 98101 13966

E-mail Add: disposurgicals@ymail.com

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