14 May 2021
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Republic Day Events
Republic Day Madagascar
30-30 December 2010
Republic Day is a holiday that is celebrated in Madagascar to remember the era that changed things for the better of the country.

Every year, the holiday is c 
Republic Day Niger
18-18 December 2010
December 18, 1958 is commemorated in the Republic of Niger as Republic Day, Niger’s national holiday.

December 18 isn’t the official date of Niger’s ind  read more...
Republic Day Malta
13-13 December 2010
On 13 December 1974 Malta became a Republic by resolution of the House of Representatives.

This day is now a public holiday on which various events are held in  read more...
Republic Day Laos
02-02 December 2010
In Laos, This Day is celebrated on 2nd December. Streets strewn with national flags and banners, processions, parades, and speeches are the highlights of this celebration for the victory of the prolet  read more...
Republic Day Burundi Chad
28-28 November 2010
Every year on November 28, Chad celebrates Proclamation of the Republic Day.

Chad was part of the many colonies of France in Africa until 1960, the year they   read more...
Republic Day Maldives
11-11 November 2010
Maldives republic day has a lot of significance, as it is on this day that Maldives became a republic, after so many years as a monarchy.

Initially, republic  
Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago
24-24 September 2010
Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1st, 1976.

The event was celebrated as a public holiday on September 24th because this is the date when the fi  read more...
Republic Day Tunisia
25-25 July 2010
The Republic Day of the Tunisia is celebrated on 25th July. Republic Day is Tunisia’s great national festival.

Tunisia Commemorates the end of the Tunisian  
Republic Day Italy
02-02 June 2010
Republic Day is celebrated in Italy on 2nd June each year.

It marks the establishment of the Italian Republic on June 2, 1946 by a popular referendum in which  read more...
Republic Day South Africa
31-31 May 2010
Cape Town, South Africa - 31 May 1910 was the day that the Union of South Africa came into being.

The Union of South Africa came from the merging of the Cape C  read more...
Republic Day Iran
01-01 April 2010
The country of Iran holds a yearly gathering every April 1st in remembrance of the country’s Islamic Republic constitution that was officially proclaimed on 1979.

Republic Day Guyana
23-23 February 2010
Guyana celebrates Republic Day or Mashramani (abbreviated as ‘Mash) on February usually on the 23rd. Guyanese citizens enjoy festive and colourful parades much like that of a carnival, music, and ga  read more...
Republic Day India
26-26 January 2010
Republic Day is one of the three national holidays of India and the greatest festival celebrated in the country. It is celebrated every year on January 26, in New Delhi with great pomp, fanfare and pa  read more...
Republic Day Albania
11-11 January 2010
Albania celebrates its republic day on January 11th since 1946.

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