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Independence Day Events
Independence Day Bangladesh
26-26 March 2011
This day is celebrated as the Independence Day in Bangladesh.

This commemorates the declaration of independence, and the start of Bangladesh Liberation War in  read more...
Independence Day Greece
25-25 March 2011
The celebration of Greek Independence Day on March 25th draws inspiration from one of the holiest days for Greek Orthodox Christians, the Annunciation of the Theotokos.

Independence Day Mauritius
12-12 March 2011
Mauritius celebrates their independence from the United Kingdom annually on March 12. Mauritius was jostled between the hands of the Dutch, French, and later by the British after the Napoleonic War.read more...
Independence Day Slovenia
26-26 December 2010
Independence Day celebrates the day it was voted that Slovenia would break away from the country of Yugoslavia and form an independent nation.

Independence Day Kazakhstan
16-16 December 2010
Kazakhstan was the last of the former Soviet Republics to declare its independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on December 16, 1991.

Even tho 
Independence Day Kenya
12-12 December 2010
The 12th of December, 1963, was the day of the declaration of independence (Uhuru), and just one year later a new country was born: the Republic of Kenya, Jamhuri ya Kenya, presided by Mzee Jomo Kenya  read more...
Independence Day Tanzania
09-09 December 2010
Tanzania celebrates Independence Day on 9th December each year.

On this date in 1961, the East African nation of Tanganyika gained independence from Great Bri  read more...
Independence Day Finland
06-06 December 2010
Finland gained independence from Russia on 6 December 1917 when the Finnish Declaration of Independence was signed changing its status from an autonomous Russian Grand Duchy to an independent sovereig  read more...
Independence Day Barbados
30-30 November 2010
After the first English settlement at Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony until achieving independence from Britain on November 30th 1966.

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Independence Day Albania
28-28 November 2010
Proclaiming Albanian independence after 500 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation; in a furthermore decisive act, the Congress officially issued the Vlore proclamation which marked the formal declaratio  read more...
Independence Day Suriname
25-25 November 2010
Suriname celebrates Independence Day on November 25, remembering the day in 1975 when Suriname was granted full independence from the Netherlands.

The celebra 
Independence Day Lebanon
22-22 November 2010
On November 22, Lebanon celebrates the anniversary of becoming an independent nation.

Independence Day in Lebanon is a national holiday. Celebrated on Novembe  read more...
Independence Day Morocco
18-18 November 2010
Independence Day is celebrated in Morocco on 18th November each year.

This day commemorates the enthronement in 1927 of His Majesty Muhammad V, under whose rul  read more...
Independence Day Angola
11-11 November 2010
Christian holidays are celebrated in Angola, along with Independence Day on November 11.

Political occasions like the date the armed struggle for independence  read more...
Independence Day Dominica Panama
03-03 November 2010
On November 3rd, 1978 Dominica gained its independence from Great Britain and became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

As well as celebrating I 
Independence Day Antigua and Barbuda
01-01 November 2010
Antique and Barbuda Independence Day is celebrated in November 1st every year.

This commemorates Antique and Barbuda’s independence from the British in 1981  read more...
Independence Day Turkmenistan
27-27 October 2010
This national holiday commemorates Turkmenistans independence from the U.S.S.R. on October 27, 1991.

Turkmenistan and other republics were gradually able to e  read more...
Independence Day Zambia
24-24 October 2010
On 24 October 1964, the protectorate gained independence, after a long and difficult struggle against the British, with the new name of Zambia, derived from the Zambezi river which flows through the c  read more...
Independence of Cartagena
11-11 October 2010
Cartagena’s Independence day falls on November 11,  the day when the city officially declared its independence from Spain in 1811. However, it was not until Simon Bolivar and his revolutionary   read more...
Beginning Of Independence War Cuba
11-11 October 2010
The Ten Years War also known as The Big War began on 10 October 1868 under the leadership of the attorney Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and seconded by a group of patriots in the sugar mill La Demajagua,  read more...
Independence Day Uganda
09-09 October 2010
Uganda celebrates Independence Day on 9th October each year.

This holiday commemorates the nation of Uganda achieving independence from Britain in 1962. On Oc  read more...
Independence Of Guayaquil Day Ecuador
09-09 October 2010
On October 9, 1820, the port-city of Guayaquil proclaimed its independence from Spain, the leaders of the movement set the government and formed the military forces to protect the Sovereigntyread more...
Independence Day Lesotho
04-04 October 2010
Every year on October 4, Lesotho celebrates the independence it achieved from Britain in 1966.

People from every district are dressed in the colors representi  read more...
Independence Day Guinea
02-02 October 2010
Every year on October 2, Guinea celebrates the anniversary of its independence from France in 1958.

Guinea  Independence day is a national holiday to cel  read more...
Independence Day Cyprus
01-01 October 2010
The country's Independence Day Celebrations honour the day in 1960 when Cyprus gained independence from Great Britain following a long and bitter five-year struggle.

Independence Day Botswana
30-30 September 2010
The Republic of Botswana became independent on 30th September 1966, and is a multi-party democracy.

Botswana is one of the most beautiful wildlife regions in   read more...
Independence Day Armenia
23-23 September 2010
In Armenia, Independence Day is an official holiday. Thousands of people and various entertainers celebrate Armenian Independence Day.

The festivities began w 
Independence Day Mali
22-22 September 2010
Mali celebrates Independence Day on September 22 to commemorate its independence from France in 1960. Mali and its people celebrate Independence Day with parades, political speeches, performances of t  read more...
Independence Day Belize
21-21 September 2010
Belize Independence Day is September 21, and the nation celebrates with several activities including flag-raising ceremonies, street parades and sporting events.

Independence Day Malta
21-21 September 2010
21 September marks the day of Malta's independence from Britain in 1964.

It is a public holiday with a number of activities, including a military parade in Va  read more...
Independence Day Saint Kitts
19-19 September 2010
Every year on the 19th of September, the small country of St. Kitts and Nevis celebrate Independence Day to commemorate the day it gained its freedom from the British.

Independence Day Chile
18-18 September 2010
September brings spring to Chile, and with it the days of celebration of Chile's independence from Spain. For days before and after September 18, the Dieciocho, the country celebrates with parades, fe  read more...
Independence Day Mexico
16-16 September 2010
On 16 September the entire country celebrates the day when in 1810 Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

On the night before, 'El Grito' - a dramatic re-  read more...
Independence Day Costa Rica
15-15 September 2010
Costa Rica celebrates it's Independence annually on September 15th. The people of Costa Rica celebrate Independence Day with much fun and merriment.

The nation 
Independence Day Tajikistan
09-09 September 2010
Tajikistan celebrates its Independence Day on 9 September. On this day Tajikistan got Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Tajikistan officially the Re 
Independence Day Brazil
07-07 September 2010
Brazil celebrates its Independence Day  with lots of fanfare and excitement.

A country of mythic proportions, people gather in the road celebrating with b  read more...
Independence Day Swaziland
06-06 September 2010
Swaziland  celebrates its Independence Day on, September 6. Thousands of warriors in leopard skin loincloths, carrying spears and cowhide shields, entered a stadium nestling in Ezulwini, the Vall  read more...
Independence Day Qatar
03-03 September 2010
In Qatar, Somalilanders greeted the Independence Day with a large party. A band played Somaliland's music and songs. Performers included Mohamed Abdi Yusuf, Abdi Ege, Abdi Qani Adan and Mohamed Elmi W  read more...
Independence Day Vietnam
02-02 September 2010
Today is a public holiday in Vietnam and there are Vietnamese flags hanging everywhere. Ho Chi Minh declared independence already on September 2nd 1945, 9 years before the French left and 30 years bef  read more...
Independence day Malaysia
31-31 August 2010
The independence of Malaysia is different from that of the independence of other countries. It was a peaceful independence attained by holding talks with the British.

Independence Day Kyrgyzstan
31-31 August 2010
31st August 1991 is the day when Kyrgyzstan got independent from the Soviet Union.

The typical celebration includes Independence Day parades with people atten  read more...
Moldova Independence Day
27-27 August 2010
On this day, every Moldovan celebrates being an independent citizen of a free, independent and peaceful country. Moldova celebrates its Independence Day on August 27th to commemorate its independence   read more...
Independence Day Uruguay
25-25 August 2010
August 25th is celebrated as the Independence Day of Uruguay. Its called Orientals, even though its situated in the Western hemisphere. Uruguay, also known as Banda Oriental, was once the colony of th  read more...
Baltics Independence Day
21-21 August 2010
The Baltic Way was a major historical event that helped the Baltic declare their independence. On the eve of the day , a special radio broadcasts which help to coordinate the effort.

Senegal Independence Day
20-20 August 2010
Independence Day Indonesia
16-16 August 2010
The Independence Day of Indonesia was officially proclaimed on 17th August, 1945 at 10.00 a.m. sharp on Friday.

With this declaration started the five year di 
Independence Day India
15-15 August 2010
On 15 August 1947, India attained freedom from the British Rule. Every year, August 15 is celebrated as the Independence Day in India.

This national festival  
Independence Day Pakistan
14-14 August 2010
Pakistan became an independent country in 1947.

The day is a national holiday  in Pakistan. The day is celebrated all over the country with flag raising   read more...
Independence Day Central African Republic
13-13 August 2010
It is celebrated annually to mark the country’s freedom from slavery of a dominant nation; it is the day when the nation becomes free and no more remains a part of any other state.

Independence Day Chad
11-11 August 2010
Like many other countries, Chad celebrates an annual Independence Day to honor its independence from colonial rule.

Although independence was achieved on Augu 
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