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Pakistan Plane crash death tolls to 152 no survivors till yet reported
28 July
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The deadliest plane crash ever in Pakistan of Air Blue Airbus A320 with 152 passangers on board crashed into Margalla Hills on the outskirts of Islamabad, leaving no survivors including six crew members.  There is no clue regarding this plane crash till now.

“The chances of the survivors in the crash are meagre. However, the search process is on progress and till now 90 bodies have collected so far”, said senior Pakistan police officials.

Airbus ploughed into the hillside in fog due to thick clouds and heavy rain leaving a trail of destruction over a huge area, scattering torned body parts, pieces of metals and broken trees.

The private airline Air Blue aircraft which was heading to Islamabad from Karachi at airport at 7:45 am and was expected to land around 9:45 am . The crew of the plane tried to make contact with the Islamabad airport before landing. Inspite of try to be in contact, soon their contact with the airport lost and the plane was found crashed which is supposed to have hit Margalla Hills near the Daman–e-Koh viewpoint.

Officials confirmed that the plane was flying at an extremely low altitude when it hit a rocky ridge and tumble into thick forest approximately 4 km away from Pakistan's most important offices including the President House from where one can see the crash site.

A havoc scene was created due to the burning of trees and few other parts of plane resulting into thick toxic smoke rising from the crash site. People swarmed aggressively the ticket and enquiry counter to get the latest updates on Islamabad airport after listening this shocking plane crash news.

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