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Colombian Airline Aircraft Boeing 737 crash
17 August
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A Colombia Airline Aircraft Boeing 737 crash, split in three due to lighting strom but only one passenger is dead. Passengers were scatter, this is lucky escape for all except one a 73 year old woman who died from a heart attack in Hospital and who got severly injured were flown to Bogota for medical treatment.

Plane left Bogota Midnight (0500 GMT) was struck due to lightning 250 feet above at Gustavo Rojas Pinilla airport on the Caribbean island of San Andres before landing. Rescue team rush to the spot and load the injured people in police cars, ambulances and taxies to local hospital, 119 people were treated or checked at clinics and five of them were seriously injured. It was a Miracle that there were no more people dead, all passenger thanked to God that they were safe. Boeing 737 carrying 131 passenger in the plane in which 16 foreigners including two costa Ricans, four Brazillians, six French and four Americans. San Andres Island, about 190km (120 miles) east of the Nicaraguan coast, is a popular tourist destination.

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