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False alarm delays flights at Northwest Florida Regional Airport
14 February
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Eglin Afb: A Northwest Florida Regional Airport fire alarm that delayed Sunday morning flights turned out to be a false one.

The incident happened at around 6:35 a.m. when the airport’s deicer got overheated and tripped a fire detection sensor on the ramp, according to Bill Potter, operations manager.

“In spite of this being the ‘Sunshine State’ the airlines has what is called a deicer that generates very hot deicing fluid and sometimes it will kick out some flame. That’s just something it does,” Potter said.

Because the airport dispatcher saw the deicer set off the alarm, airport officials knew there was no fire and did not have to evacuate the building.

Sprinklers around the ramp were set off by the alarm and some of the water made it into the building. Potter said the airport had carpet extractors that sucked out all of the water from the carpet. No other damage was reported.

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