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Fake bomb at phoenix airport
02 April
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Phoenix:  All the charges have been dropped against three African refugees who were charged for putting a fake bomb through security at Phoenix's airport in a possible "dry run" for a terror attack. U.S. District Judge Neil Wake dropped the charges against Luwiza Daman, Asa Shani and Shullu Gorado on March 13 at the request of a federal prosecutor who cited new information in the case, according to court documents obtained Thursday.

"I had a pretty sympathy and for most part factually innocent client," Seplow said. "The whole country has been changed after 9/11 case — why do you think we have to go through all types of scanners when we go through courthouses? The people in power are scared and justifiably so, because you don't want to see a plane get blown up, and that's why they do it."

Daman, Shani and Gorado had been charged with a felony count of causing what appeared to be an explosive device to go through a security checkpoint at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport on August 5.
Authorities had said that Daman had a suspicious item in her bag as she went through airport security intending to board a plane to Des Moines, Iowa. They said Shani had taped the items together and gave the package to Gorado, who gave it to Daman to take on the flight.

The package turned out to be a container of a paste-like food , with a cell phone taped to it. But authorities say it looked just like an explosive device when it went through an X-ray machine, and also pointed out that cell phones can be used to trigger bombs. Investigators said the item suggested that the group could have been testing airport security. As per online news.

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