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Earthquake hits Japan Ofunato Town
09 March
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Japan: On Wednesday 9th March 2011 a 7.2 Magnitude earthquake rock north-eastern part of Japan. There were no  reports of significant damage or injuries.

The agency of meteorological gave warning for the coast regarding tsunami and as per their statement the quake hit at 11:45 a.m.and a 24-inch tsunami reached the coastal town of Ofunato. The  agency warned that a tsunami of about 20 inches would hit the coast.

centred about 150 kilometres off the north-eastern coast about 440 kilometres northeast of Tokyo and depth of about 10 kilometres. After the few minute ago of the main quake There was a quake of  6.3 magnitude shortly after noon.

Some train lines the area were temporarily stopped after this. They were restarted shortly. After this the U.S. Geological Agency said the 7.2-magnitude quake struck 14.1 kilometres underground and the 168 Kilometres wast of the closest major city sendai.

The two different agencies often have slightly different numbers. That's the truth Japan lies on the "Ring of Fire" an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones.

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