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Confucius Birthday Taiwan
28-28 September
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National holiday, designated as Teachers’ Day. Confucius is the Latinized name of Kung-futzu, born at Shantung province on the 27th day of the tenth moon lunar calendar in the 22nd year of Kuke Hsiang of Lu 551 bc.

 He died at age 72, having spent some 40 years as a teacher. Pupils from Dalong Elementary School performed the traditional plume dance in ancient costume. Students from Taipei Kaiping Culinary School replaced senior chefs to prepare the 27 courses of Chinese dishes commonly used during Confucius' era. An exhibition of Confucian classic artifacts will run from Sept. 27 through Dec. 15. People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, who are of the same cultural roots, jointly pay respect to our ancient teacher and remember his words and deeds with pious feelings. Toward the end of the ceremony, 80 college students attended a ceremony marking the attainment of adult hood 100 primary school students read out teachings from the Analects of Confucius and 100 Confucius-style businessmen read out commitments to do business in an honest way.

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