11 May 2021
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Italy News
Passenger Attacked a Flight Attendant
25 April 2011
Rome: An aglitated passenger attacked a flight attendant and asked that the flight be diverted to Triploli Libya, on late Sunday. It was an Alitalia flight 329  read more...
150 Missing after Boat Capsizes in Milan
07 April 2011
Milan: A boad Sank in Milan, on Wednesday. Around 150 people were missing, the boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea according to the Italian Coast Guard  read more...
Milan airport terminal evacuated after shooting
22 February 2011
Flights out of Milan's Malpensa airport were suspended Monday and a terminal building evacuated after a man smashed his car into the terminal and was shot by a police officer after trying to stab him.  read more...
Mount Etna volcano erupts
17 January 2011
On the 11th of January, Mount Etna, in Sicily, Italy, Europe’s largest volcano, erupted briefly, spewing flames, ash and smoke into the atmosphere and lava down its slopes

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Plane crash and lands on Venice beach in Italy
15 January 2011
Venice: A plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico near the South Jetty shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

There were no fatalities, but the pilot, Walter Macedo (49)  read more...
Tourists in Rome face new tax
05 January 2011
A new tax on tourists to the Eternal City is causing controversy, with hotels expressing fears it could hurt their business and scare tourists away.

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Parcel bomb found at Greek embassy in Rome
27 December 2010
Rome: A parcel bomb was found at the Greek embassy in Rome on Monday, police said just days after two explosive packages went off injuring two staffers at the Chilean and Swiss missions in the Italian  read more...
Package Explodes at Swiss Embassy in Rome
23 December 2010
Rome: As per the agencies, a package which arrived by mail exploded at the Swiss embassy in Rome on Thursday. This explosion seriously injured one man who was working  read more...
Bomb Exploded at the Chilean Embassy in Rome
23 December 2010
Rome: As per ANSA news agency, a bomb is exploded at the Chilean embassy in Rome on Thursday, injuring one person.

Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning less
15 December 2010
The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been returned to its former glory after an eight-year restoration project in which it was cleaned and partially straightened.

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