07 May 2021
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United Arab Emirates News
Dubai Airports eqquiped with Virtual Assitants
15 December 2011
DUBAI: Dubai airport has took a step ahead in a way to make passengers more comfortable through the state-of-the art digital signage solution use the most late  read more...
5.8 Percent Passenger Traffic in Dubai Airport
27 April 2011
Dubai: The Traffic of Passengers rose upto 5.8 percent at Dubai Airport by yearly, in March according to
the Dubai Airpo 
Small Aircraft heading to Riyadh Crash
28 February 2011
Dubai: As per the state news agency, a small passenger aircraft heading to Riyadh crashed yesterday. The plane crashed after taking off from Al Ain airport in the United Ara  read more...
Etihad Airways increases flights to Jeddah
20 January 2011
Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will expand its services to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia from Feb 1, increasing to 12 flights per week.

Flights delayed and diverted due to fog in Abu Dhabi
11 January 2011
Dubai: Foggy weather conditions in Abu Dhabi continued to disrupt flight operations as a large number of flights were delayed and diverted to other airports in the country.

Five flights were de 
Etihad Airways launches flights to Bengaluru
08 January 2011
Etihad Airways has launched four direct flights per week from Abu Dhabi to Bengaluru, the airline's eighth destination in the country.

The airline operates an 
Unruly passengers force plane to return mid air
31 December 2010
Dubai: A group of unruly passengers forced a Gulf Air plane flying from Bahrain to Paris to take a U-turn mid-air and return to offload the disruptive travelers.

The plane that had take 
Canadians count cost of UAE visa rules
29 December 2010
Abu Dhabi: Canadians who want to travel to the UAE from Sunday will no longer get free visas.

They must now pay 250 Canadian dollars (Dh1,000) for a non-renewa  read more...
Woman killed her baby in airport toilet
27 December 2010
Dubai: A woman who gave birth in an airport toilet killed her baby and fled the country. Officers are searching for an Ethiopian woman in her 30s whom they identified on closed circuit television foot  read more...
Passenger caught in flight with snakes in hand luggage
08 December 2010
Dubai: A Saudi passenger carried four snakes including a python in his hand luggage in an eight hour flight between Indonesia and UAE, with most of his fellow travellers blissfully unaware of the dang  read more...
Indian origin pilot of Qatar Airways died mid flight
15 October 2010
An Indian pilot with Qatar Airways died mid-flight due to a massive heart attack when the plane carrying 260 passengers was on its way to Doha from Manila, forcing the co-pilot to make emergency landi  read more...
RAK Airways to resume flights to Calicut and Jeddah this month
03 October 2010
The national carrier of the UAE, RAK Airways has announced that it will restart their services to Calicut (Kozhikode) and Jeddah.

On this route the airlines i 
Dubai airport welcomes 50 millionth passenger
08 September 2010
Dubai airport welcomes 50 millionth passenger in the time span of 2 years. The luckiest fellow Mr. Parvez Khan, who is working as an assistant manager with a hot  read more...
Air India aircraft at Dubai Airport Threatened
03 September 2010
Air India faced a major embarrassment in June when Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Abu Dhabi threatened to refuse its aircraft permission to take off from Dubai airport, because it had not updated a cruc  read more...
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