13 May 2021
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Canada News
Terrorist of Al-Shabab arrested at airport of Canada
02 April 2011
Toronto: Man was arrested by the Canadian Police at Toronto Pearson airport on Tuesday was supposed to join the militant group. The man was going to join the a  read more...
Plane Crash near maine-Quebec Border:
09 March 2011

Flood warning for East Cornwall and South Devon as heavy rain hits
18 February 2011
Canada: The Met Office has issued a flash warning of severe or extreme weather with heavy rain across the area this afternoon.

Forecasters say a slow-moving  
Mild earthquake shakes Vancouver Island
16 February 2011
Natural Resources Canada said a 2.9 magnitude earthquake occurred at 6:47 a.m. off the east coast of the Island.

The quake, at a depth of 18.9 kilometers,  
Charter plane crashes near Springdale Airport
14 February 2011
Canada: A plane crash near Springdale airport injures two men.

Police Lt. Kevin Lewis says the crash occurred around 5:  read more...
US Airways make emergency landing at Ottawa airport
14 February 2011
Ottawa: A US Airways flight made an emergency landing at the Ottawa airport Sunday night after fumes were found in the cabin and cockpit, according to the airline.
WestJet expands Ottawa to Toronto flights
09 February 2011
Starting May 2, WestJet plans nine daily flights between Toronto and Ottawa on weekdays, up from seven, as well as 10 between Toronto and Montreal.

It also is  
Toronto snowfall causing delays at Regina airport
03 February 2011
Toronto: A massive storm in the east is causing delays and cancellations at airports across the country.

The storm began dumping snow in Ontario on Wednesday n  read more...
US flight makes emergency landing as pilot spilled coffee
05 January 2011
Toronto:  A US flight from Chicago to the German city of Frankfurt, with 255 people on board, reportedly made an emergency landing in Canada because the pilot spilled his coffee in the cockpit.read more...
Just one flight for Heathrow leaving Vancouver
21 December 2010
Weather delays at airports across Europe have forced the cancellation of thousands of European flights since Saturday and only one flight is scheduled to depart from Vancouver for Heathrow on Monday.<  read more...
Jet Airways flight carrying Canadian CWG athletes makes emergency stop
01 October 2010
A jet Airways Flight bound for Delhi carrying Canadian athletes to Commonwealth Games diverted by medical emergency because a passenger became ill.

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