14 May 2021
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Plane makes safe emergency landing in Lynchburg
27 January 2011
Lynchburg, VA - A U.S. Airways pilot had to make an emergency landing at Lynchburg Regional Airport Wednesday morning, after the plane was struck by lightning.

Travelers stranded at Philly airport
27 January 2011
USA: The latest winter storm to slam into southeastern Pennsylvania has stranded many passengers at Philadelphia International Airport.

Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica says about 477 flight 
Landslide closes portion of NW Thompson road in Portland
27 January 2011
A landslide closed a section of road in Portland's West Hills Tuesday, Multnomah County officials reported.

Northwest Thompson Road between Cornell Road  
Fighter jets escort plane to London airport
25 January 2011
London: British fighter jets escorted a passenger plane to a London airport following a bomb threat made by a passenger onboard, underscoring how European nations are  read more...
Drunk american pilot forgets flight destination and jailed for 6 months
25 January 2011
London: An American pilot has been jailed for being so drunk at the Heathrow airport that he could not remember where he was flying to when asked by security officials.

Plane makes emergency landing at Burlington airport
25 January 2011
Washington: A United Express plane conducted an emergency landing Monday morning at Burlington International Airport shortly after departing for Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.
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Fog delays flights at Fresno Yosemite International Airport
25 January 2011
USA: The foggy conditions not only caused problems for drivers on Monday. Fog also created headaches for many passengers at Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

Earthquake shakes Southern California
24 January 2011
Ocotillo: A 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook a small section of Southern California on Sunday near the Mexico border.

The quake hit at 2:31 p.m. and was centered  read more...
Emergency Landing Disrupts Flight To Phoenix
24 January 2011
Phoenix: A U.S. Airways flight from Chicago to Phoenix was cut short after an electrical problem forced pilots to make an emergency landing in Omaha.

Plane makes emergency landing in Oakland
24 January 2011
Oakland: Southwest Airlines plane that left San Francisco International Airport for Chicago on Saturday afternoon made an emergency landing in Oakland for a warning light, which turned out to be a fal  read more...
Jet makes emergency landing in Norfolk
24 January 2011
Norfolk: A US Airways regional jet made an emergency landing at Norfolk International Airport Saturday night after a warning light indicated a possible problem with the landing gear.

Flight delays due to snow at Blue Grass airport in USA
22 January 2011
USA: The snowfall across Kentucky has forced numerous flight delays at Blue Grass Airport Friday morning.

As of 6:30 a.m., there were six delayed flights out o  read more...
Storm forces cancellation of over 100 flights at Logan Airport
22 January 2011
Boston: At Logan Airport in Boston, an army of snowplows pushes and shove's at the new fallen snow.

Technically, the airport has been open all day, but the sto  read more...
Oregon Highway 6 landslide cleared and traffic open
20 January 2011
Portland: Oregon Highway 6 has been reopened after road crews cleared a landslide that had blocked the route between Portland and Tillamook since last weekend.

The Oregon Department of Transpor 
Flights delays and cancelled in Washington due to bad weather
19 January 2011
Washington: Icy weather is forcing delays and cancellations of dozens of flights at airports in the Baltimore-Washington region.

The Metropolitan Washington Ai 
Bad weather in northeast causes delays at Tampa airport
19 January 2011
Tampa: Bad weather in the northeast has led to about a dozen delayed departures and nearly two dozen delayed arrivals at Tampa International Airport on flights serving Boston, Philadelphia and New Yor  read more...
Heavy fog delays flights at California
19 January 2011
California: Flights going in and out of the Monterey Peninsula Airport were experiencing major delays Tuesday morning because of dense fog in the region.

The S 
Heavy fog delays flights at San Francisco Airport
18 January 2011
San Francisco: A dense fog bank blanketed the Bay Area Monday, triggering driving warnings for local bridges and backing up flights at San Francisco International Airport.

Earthquake shakes Oklahoma City
17 January 2011
USA: People near Oklahoma City were shaken awake by a small earthquake before dawn. A 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Jones early Saturday morning.

The 4 
Flight from Vancouver to New York makes two emergency landings
17 January 2011
USA: A Cathay Pacific flight bound for New York made two emergency landings in Vancouver Saturday night following reports of a strange smell in the cabin.

Flig 
United announces new nonstop service between Los Angeles and Guadalajara
17 January 2011
United Airlines announced daily nonstop service between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Guadalajara, Mexico (GDL), beginning May 3, subject to Mexican government approval. This service wil  read more...
Sikhs warned of turban screening at US airports
15 January 2011
Washington: Already peeved by security pat downs, Sikhs in the US have been warned that they could now face 100 per cent screening of their turbans at American airports as the new imaging technology c  read more...
Power Outage at Airport Delays Dozens of Flights in USA
15 January 2011
Westchester: Power outages Friday night caused flight delays at Los Angeles International Airport's nine terminals, federal screening areas, roads and all parking structures.

Air China launches second daily nonstop Los Angeles to Beijing flight
15 January 2011
California: On Wednesday, Air China announced that a second daily nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Beijing will increase travel options between the nation.
Flights delayed after passenger picks up wrong bag with pilot gun in USA
15 January 2011
New York: A JetBlue pilot lost his government issued handgun after a passenger mistakenly picked up his carry on luggage.

The pilot was waiting for his New Yor 
Plane makes emergency landing at Sacramento airport after bird strike
14 January 2011
Sacramento: An Alaskan Airlines flight leaving Sacramento International Airport around 6:20 p.m. Wednesday had to turn back to make an emergency landing.

Airpo 
Earthquake Hits Central California
13 January 2011
USA: The U.S. Geological Survey said an earthquake hit Central California about 45 miles southeast of San Jose. The 4.5 quake struck just before 1 a.m. Wednesday near San Juan Bautista, which is about  read more...
90,000 plane passengers face delays in USA due to snow
13 January 2011
USA: Thousands of air passengers were today facing hours of delays after blizzards battered 49 of America's 50 states.

At least 90,000 people were caught up in the chaos at airports across the   read more...
3.1 earthquake shakes Hermosa Beach
12 January 2011
USA: A magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck Tuesday morning in the Pacific Ocean about four miles west of Hermosa Beach.

The earthquake, recorded at 8:52 a.m., came 
Snow in Atlanta delays and cancels flights across southeast
12 January 2011
USA: Three Delta Airlines Flights scheduled to leave the El Paso International Airport today were canceled and other airlines reported delays.

The canceled fli 
Qantas bringing Airbus A380s back to Los Angeles
12 January 2011
Los Angeles: Qantas plans to resume Airbus A380 flights between Australia and Los Angeles with a flight from Melbourne on Jan. 16, the Australian airline announced Tuesday.

Qantas grounded its  
Emergency Landing at Jacksonville International Airport
11 January 2011
Jacksonville: Everybody is safe following an emergency landing at Jacksonville International Airport late this morning.

According to airport spokesman, Delta f 
Earthquake hits San Francisco Bay Area
08 January 2011
US: The San Francisco Bay Area was hit by an earthquake with magnitude 4.1 this friday afternoon. The earthquake was around 4.4 miles deep and the location is pointed to be 21 miles southeast of San J  read more...
Flights to New York airports delays due to snow
08 January 2011
On Friday morning, flights to several Northeast airports are experiencing delays some exceeding two hours due to heavy snow and ice.

At New York La Guardia, ar 
Student strips at US airport to protest pat downs
01 January 2011
Washington:  On Friday, a 21 year old man stripped down to his underwear and socks at an airport in Richmond, Virginia to protest the new security measures, including a pat down at American aerod  read more...
Tornadoes strike US
01 January 2011
Chicago:  Tornadoes tore through parts of the US states of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois, killing at least six people and leaving damage and power outages in its wake.

United State issues travel warning for Kenya
31 December 2010
Washington: U.S. government workers in Kenya are advised to avoid border regions with Somalia and Ethiopia because of terrorism threats, the State Department said.

Lufthansa plane stuck six hours on JFK tarmac
31 December 2010
New York: Passengers on a Lufthansa flight suffered the after-effects of a powerful blizzard paralyzing New York City, when their plane was forced to sit on the tarmac at JFK airport for more than six  read more...
Exploding bullets cause bomb scare at Miami International Airport
30 December 2010
Miami : A US man was detained Tuesday after ammunition parts in his luggage exploded as baggage handlers were moving it from one plane to another at Miami airport, officials said.

Airlines raise fares on many US routes
29 December 2010
Cleveland: On Tuesday, Several airlines confirmed that they are raising prices on many domestic routes by $10 one way and $20 per round trip, even as snowbound passengers remained stranded at New Yor  read more...
Passengers still stranded in New York airport
29 December 2010
New York: Hundreds of airline passengers were stranded for up to 10 hours on the tarmac at overworked Kennedy Airport. Ambulances struggled to get patients through unplowed streets. City buses sat aba  read more...
Disneyland turning away visitors at gates
29 December 2010
It's a nice problem to have if you're the Walt Disney Co but not if you're trying to visit the Anaheim theme parks. I'm told that both yesterday and today Disneyland began turning away would-be visito  read more...
Emergency declared in USA
28 December 2010
New York: A powerful U.S. East Coast blizzard menaced would-be travellers by air, rail and highway Monday, leaving thousands without a way to get home after the holidays and shutting down major airpor  read more...
Tourist Killed In Disney Bus accident
27 December 2010
Boston: A tourist from Massachusetts is dead after he was struck by a Disney bus in the parking lot of a resort hotel at Walt Disney World, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

They said Ro 
H1B visa fee high
25 December 2010
USA: Indian companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Tata and Mahindra Satyam were earlier made to pay for better policing of the US's borders. They will now be made to pay for health coverage and treatment   read more...
Paris Hilton Plane Evacuated
22 December 2010
Los Angeles: On Wednesday the reality TV star Paris Hilton was evacuated from her plane after a knife was found on board. 

The socialite was headin 
1400 airlines canceled as snowfall
13 December 2010
USA: Airlines including American, Delta, Southwest and United canceled more than 1,400 flights from Chicago as a snowstorm that slammed the U.S. Midwest during the weekend moves toward Canada.

Ex Baywatch model Miss D Errico overexposed by airport security man for scan
09 December 2010
Los Angeles: Miss D’Errico said that she was felt overexposed after she was picked for a scan, despite their being a large number of passengers to choose from.

Disabled woman strips for airport security
03 December 2010
Oklahoma City: A wheelchair-bound former dental surgeon missed her flight in the US after attempting to pass through airport security in just her underwear.

Passengers soon allowed guns on most Amtrak trains
03 December 2010
Sacramento: Passengers will soon be able to carry guns in checked baggage aboard Amtrak trains. Gun rights advocates pushed Congress to reverse a near-decade-long gun ban on the government-owned r  read more...
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