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National Day Austria
26-26 October 2010
National Day of Austria is October 26, 2009, and commemorates the day in 1955 when the Soviet Union ended its occupation, and Austria passed a law of perpetual neutrality.

The 17th World Congress On ITS 2010
25-29 October 2010
The 17th ITS World Congress & Exhibition will be held in Busan, Korea from October 25~29, 2010.

Also, the 17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010 not only giv  read more...
Independence Day Zambia
24-24 October 2010
On 24 October 1964, the protectorate gained independence, after a long and difficult struggle against the British, with the new name of Zambia, derived from the Zambezi river which flows through the c  read more...
Suez Victory Day Egypt
24-24 October 2010
Suez Victory Day - October 24th see the celebration in commemoration of the Victory Day.

United Nations Day
24-24 October 2010
The anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter on 24 October 1945 has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948.

It has traditio 
Korea MICE Expo 2010
24-25 October 2010
Korea MICE Expo is the nation’s sole MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) industry exhibition organized by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Chulalongkorn Day Thailand
23-23 October 2010
Chulalongkorn Day is also known as Piyamaharaj Day in Thailand and is celebrated every year on October 23 in the memory of one of Thailand's most respected kings, King Chulalongkorn. Chulalongkorn est  read more...
Revolution Day Hungary
23-23 October 2010
On October 23, many Hungarians, all around the country, commemorated their compatriots who fought in the anti-Soviet revolution in 1956.

A total of 485 events 
National Liberation Day Egypt
23-23 October 2010
There are also Victory Days in Egypt in October, commemorating the Yom Kippur War.

Army Day Honduras
21-21 October 2010
Armed Forces Day, October 21. The revolt of 1956 which ousted Lozano Diaz is celebrated.

Overseas Chinese Day Taiwan
21-21 October 2010
The Overseas Chinese Day of the Taiwan is celebrated on 21st October.

Overseas Chinese are people of Chinese birth or descent who live outside the territories  read more...
Kenyatta Day Kenya
20-20 October 2010
During this day Kenyans celebrate the memory of Jomo Kenyatta, considered the founding father of the nation of Kenya, as well as all the freedom fighters of their country.
Revolution Day Guatemala
20-20 October 2010
October 20th is the holiday known in Guatemala as Revolution Day. It commemorates the October Revolution of 1944 in which a virtually bloodless coup led to the overthow of the Ponce dictatorship and t  read more...
Lord of the Miracles Lima Peru
18-18 October 2010
Hundreds of thousands of devotees crowd through the streets of Lima at the Procession of the Lord of Miracles every October.

Parading through clouds of incens 
Dessalines Day Haiti
17-17 October 2010
Dessalines Day in Haiti is on the 17th of October.

This day is remembered to mark the anniversary of the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the revolutionary w  read more...
Dussehra India
17-17 October 2010
Dussehra is one of the significant Hindu festivals, celebrated with much joy and happiness in the entire country. Dussehra Celebration  mark the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king, Ravana,   read more...
Evacuation Day Tunisia
15-15 October 2010
Tunisia celebrates the anniversary of the evacuation of British military forces in the country in 1970 after the British government agreed to pull out its troops from Tobruk “Al Adam” (present day  read more...
The 7th World Stroke Congress 2010
13-16 October 2010
The 7th World Stroke Congress, organized by the World Stroke Organization (WSO), is a landmark event attended biennially by leading medical professionals interested in finding global strategies to com  read more...
Columbus Day Belize
12-12 October 2010
The Columbus Day is celebrated on October 12th of every year.

It is an official holiday. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. In these holid  read more...
Dia de La Raza Mexico
12-12 October 2010
In Mexico, October 12th is a national holiday known as Día de la Raza or Day of the Race.

This date is honored in other countries as Columbus Day and under o  read more...
Discovery Of Bhamas
12-12 October 2010
Discovery Day is a public holiday in the Bahamas.

When Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492, history was made and Columbus Day was created as   read more...
Discovery of America
12-12 October 2010
One of the most significant dates during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs was 12th October 1492 the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

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Beginning Of Independence War Cuba
11-11 October 2010
The Ten Years War also known as The Big War began on 10 October 1868 under the leadership of the attorney Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and seconded by a group of patriots in the sugar mill La Demajagua,  read more...
Independence of Cartagena
11-11 October 2010
Cartagena’s Independence day falls on November 11,  the day when the city officially declared its independence from Spain in 1811. However, it was not until Simon Bolivar and his revolutionary   read more...
Moi Day Kenya
10-10 October 2010
October 10 of each year is recognized as a public holiday since the year 1989 when it was passed into law by parliament.

On this day every year, Kenyans take a 
National Day Taiwan
10-10 October 2010
The radiance of October in Taiwan is ushered in with the Birthday of the Republic of China: Double Tenth National Day; celebrated every year on October 10th to commemorate the 1911 Wuch'ang Uprising,   read more...
Independence Day Uganda
09-09 October 2010
Uganda celebrates Independence Day on 9th October each year.

This holiday commemorates the nation of Uganda achieving independence from Britain in 1962. On Oc  read more...
Independence Of Guayaquil Day Ecuador
09-09 October 2010
On October 9, 1820, the port-city of Guayaquil proclaimed its independence from Spain, the leaders of the movement set the government and formed the military forces to protect the Sovereigntyread more...
Battle of Angamos Peru
08-08 October 2010
The Battle of Angamos was a naval battle fought off Angamos Point, north of Antofagasta in Chile on October the 8th 1879 between the Peruvian ironclad Huascar and the Chilean ironclad Blanco Encalada   read more...
15th Pusan International Film Festival
07-15 October 2010
The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) held annually in South Korea is one of the most important film festivals that is held in Asia.

The 15th Pusan International Film Festival will be h  read more...
Armed Forces Day Egypt
06-06 October 2010
In Egypt, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on October 6, the date on which the October War of 1973 began with the Egyptian Army's successful crossing of the Suez Canal that culminated in the capture of   read more...
Independence Day Lesotho
04-04 October 2010
Every year on October 4, Lesotho celebrates the independence it achieved from Britain in 1966.

People from every district are dressed in the colors representi  read more...
Foundation Day South Korea
03-03 October 2010
South Korea, on October 3, celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Foundation day in South Korea is a public holiday. T  read more...
Morazan Day Honduras
03-03 October 2010
Morazan day is celebrated in the memory of Francisco Morazan Quesada who was the President of Central America.

He was born in the Hoduras and hence this day is  read more...
Unity Day Germany
03-03 October 2010
German Unity Day is annually held on October 3 to mark the anniversary of the nation's unification.

It remembers when the Federal Republic of Germany and the   read more...
Common wealth Games
03-14 October 2010
The 2010 Commonwealth Games is the 19th Commonwealth Games, and the ninth to be held under that name. The Games are being held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010, the largest multi-sport event  read more...
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday India
02-02 October 2010
Mahatma Gandhi's birthday or Gandhi Jayanti, is celebrated on 2nd October each year, mainly in India.

This national holiday honours Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948 
Independence Day Guinea
02-02 October 2010
Every year on October 2, Guinea celebrates the anniversary of its independence from France in 1958.

Guinea  Independence day is a national holiday to cel  read more...
Armed Forces Day South Korea
01-01 October 2010
South Korea Armed Forces Day is an annual event held on October 1st.

The country military puts on a variety of displays that include performances by military b  read more...
Independence Day Cyprus
01-01 October 2010
The country's Independence Day Celebrations honour the day in 1960 when Cyprus gained independence from Great Britain following a long and bitter five-year struggle.

National Day China
01-01 October 2010
The PRC's National Day was declared at three o'clock on October 1, 1949, in front of 300,000 people during a ceremony in Tian'anmen Squeare. Chairman Mao declared the founding of the People's Republic  read more...
Unification Day Cameroon
01-01 October 2010
Unification Day is a holiday in Cameroon that is celebrated on 1 October, marking the anniversary of British Southern Cameroons' independence from the United Kingdom and unification with French Camero  read more...
Independence Day Botswana
30-30 September 2010
The Republic of Botswana became independent on 30th September 1966, and is a multi-party democracy.

Botswana is one of the most beautiful wildlife regions in   read more...
Boqueron Battle Day Paraguay
29-29 September 2010
Battle of Boqueron Day Victory at Boqueron Day is a fairly new public holiday! The Battle of Boqueron is what ended a border conflict for Paraguay!

For many y 
Confucius Birthday Taiwan
28-28 September 2010
National holiday, designated as Teachers’ Day. Confucius is the Latinized name of Kung-futzu, born at Shantung province on the 27th day of the tenth moon lunar calendar in the 22nd year of Kuke Hsia  read more...
Mid Autumn Day Macau
27-27 September 2010
The largest of its kind and one of the most important in the world.

Experts from different countries are invited to Macau to compete with spectacles of firewo  read more...
World Tourism Day
27-27 September 2010
Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day on September 27. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted.

Mid Autumn Day China
26-26 September 2010
Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with dances, feasting and moon gazing. While baked goods are a common feature at most Chinese celebrations, moon cakes are inextricably linked with the  read more...
Mercedes Day Dominican Republic
24-24 September 2010
Domican Republic celebrates the Mercedes Day in honor of Our Lady of Mercy, Patroness of Dominican Republic.

The catholic holiday is celebrated with very reli 
Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago
24-24 September 2010
Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1st, 1976.

The event was celebrated as a public holiday on September 24th because this is the date when the fi  read more...
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