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Saint Nicholas Day Germany
06-06 December 2010
St. Nicholas Day,  is celebrated on December 6.

This is the favorite holiday of all children - it's a gift-giving day. When evening comes, St. Nicholas,   read more...
Discovery Day Haiti
05-05 December 2010
Discovery Day is also one of the marked holidays in Haiti. 5th December is celebrated as the Discovery Day in Haiti. On this occasion, the discovery of Haiti by Christopher Columbus in 1492, is commem  read more...
Kings Birthday Thailand
05-05 December 2010
An important public holiday is held on 5 December to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest reigning monarch. Known in Thai as 'Wan Chalerm', the occasion i  read more...
Republic Day Laos
02-02 December 2010
In Laos, This Day is celebrated on 2nd December. Streets strewn with national flags and banners, processions, parades, and speeches are the highlights of this celebration for the victory of the prolet  read more...
National Day United Arab Emirates
02-02 December 2010
The UAE has spared no effort to make sure its National Day on December 2 is marked with appropriate pomp and grandeur.

The hearts of every Emirati are filled  
National Day Romania
01-01 December 2010
The national day of Romania also called the Union Day or the Unification Day  was set after the 1989 Romanian Revolution, when the communist regime came to an end.

National Day Central African Republic
01-01 December 2010
National Day is celebrated with a parade that the leaders of the country, along with the military and the locals attend.

There are traditional dances, boat rac 
Heroes Day Philippines
30-30 November 2010
National Heroes Day was formerly observed on November 30 every year.

Since this date coincided with the birth date of Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipun  read more...
Independence Day Barbados
30-30 November 2010
After the first English settlement at Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony until achieving independence from Britain on November 30th 1966.

Tha 
Staint Andrews Day Scotland
30-30 November 2010
Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November.

The Lawnmarket played host to  
Independence Day Albania
28-28 November 2010
Proclaiming Albanian independence after 500 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation; in a furthermore decisive act, the Congress officially issued the Vlore proclamation which marked the formal declaratio  read more...
Republic Day Burundi Chad
28-28 November 2010
Every year on November 28, Chad celebrates Proclamation of the Republic Day.

Chad was part of the many colonies of France in Africa until 1960, the year they   read more...
Independence Day Suriname
25-25 November 2010
Suriname celebrates Independence Day on November 25, remembering the day in 1975 when Suriname was granted full independence from the Netherlands.

The celebra 
Thanksgiving Day
25-25 November 2010
Thanksgiving Day in the United States started as a way of giving thanks to food collected from a good harvest or problems that were fixed.

It is celebrated wi 
New Regime Anniversary Zaire
24-24 November 2010
New Regime Day is on November 24. The people of Zaire also fly the Zaire flag on New Regime Day.

Independence Day Lebanon
22-22 November 2010
On November 22, Lebanon celebrates the anniversary of becoming an independent nation.

Independence Day in Lebanon is a national holiday. Celebrated on Novembe  read more...
Revolution Anniversary Mexico
20-20 November 2010
On November 20, Mexico celebrates the anniversary of its Revolution. On this date, in the year 1910 the war to overthrow the dictator Porfirio Díaz, began.

Discovery Day Puerto Rico
19-19 November 2010
On November 19, Puerto Rico celebrates the day in history it was discovered by Columbus.

Discovery of Puerto Rico Day is celebrated as a national holiday in P  read more...
Garifuna Settlement Day Belize
19-19 November 2010
On November 19th the celebrations commence to mark the arrival of the first Garifuna to Belize in 1832.

The festivaL marks the arrival of the Garifuna people   read more...
Independence Day Morocco
18-18 November 2010
Independence Day is celebrated in Morocco on 18th November each year.

This day commemorates the enthronement in 1927 of His Majesty Muhammad V, under whose rul  read more...
Kings Birthday Belgium
15-15 November 2010
On November 15th, the Ambassador will offer the traditional reception to, amongst others, the Belgian community in Japan on the occasion of King's Day.
 This  
Proclamation of the Republic Brazil
15-15 November 2010
Proclamation of the Republic Day is celebrated on 15th November every year in Brazil.

This commemorates the day in 1889 when Brazil's second Emperor, Dom Pedr  read more...
Peace Day Ivory Coast
15-15 November 2010
Our 'One Day One Goal' initiative, supported by PUMA, aims to encourage football matches all over the world on Peace Day.

Each team is created with a mix of players from different cultures or   read more...
Prince Charles Birthday United Kingdom
14-14 November 2010
The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales born 14 November 1948.

Childrens Day India
14-14 November 2010
Children’s day in India celebrates everything surrounding childhood.

It is celebrated by the entire nation on November 14, which is the birthdate of India  read more...
Dr Sun Yat sens Birthday Taiwan
12-12 November 2010
November 12 is Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday. In China it’s a cumbersome deal.

He was the in the beginning democratically selected chief of China. Sun Yat-Se  read more...
Armistice Day Belgium
11-11 November 2010
11th November is a public holiday in Belgium.

A number of commemorative events are held in Ieper  to mark the anniversary of Armistice Day on 11th Novemb  read more...
Kings Birthday Bhutan
11-11 November 2010
The Kingdom of Bhutan is somewhat unique in that its people function on the premise of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

GNH encourages material and spiritual d 
Independence Day Angola
11-11 November 2010
Christian holidays are celebrated in Angola, along with Independence Day on November 11.

Political occasions like the date the armed struggle for independence  read more...
G 20 Seoul Summit
11-12 November 2010
The 2010 G-20 Seoul Summit is the fifth meeting of the G-20 heads of government in discussion of financial markets and the world economy, which will take place Seoul, South Korea during November 11–  read more...
Remembrance Day Bermuda
11-11 November 2010
Remembrance day is a public holiday in Bermuda and is always held on 11th November.

This is the day when all the war veterans, dead or alive, who fought the W  read more...
Republic Day Maldives
11-11 November 2010
Maldives republic day has a lot of significance, as it is on this day that Maldives became a republic, after so many years as a monarchy.

Initially, republic  
Veterans Day United States of America
11-11 November 2010
Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 in honor of those who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

It is a legal federal holiday.It is a ce  read more...
Anniversary Of Ataturks Death Turkey
10-10 November 2010
Turkish people pay tribute to the father of their modern republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, with nationwide memorial services on November 10th of every year.

Dur 
Guy Fawkes Day Britain
05-05 November 2010
Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night is an annual celebration held on the evening of  5 November to mark the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605, in which a number of Cathol  read more...
Diwali India
05-05 November 2010
Diwali or Deepawali or Dipawali is one the most important, hugely waited and immensely cherished festival celebrated across India.

Originally, the name was Deepawali, which has its origin from  read more...
John Pauls Nameday Vatican
04-04 November 2010
Nameday Ideas for the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo. Feast is November 4.

This is the nameday saint of Pope John Paul II. Karol is the Polish form of Charles.  read more...
Culture Day Japan
03-03 November 2010
Culture Day in Japan is held on November 3.

This holiday commemorates both the birth of Emperor Meiji and the day the first Japanese constitution was adopted   read more...
Independence Day Dominica Panama
03-03 November 2010
On November 3rd, 1978 Dominica gained its independence from Great Britain and became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

As well as celebrating I 
Memorial Day Brazil Ecuador
02-02 November 2010
All Souls Day is when the Church commemorates and prays for the holy souls in Purgatory, undergoing purification of their sins before entering heaven.

All Sou 
All Saints Day
01-01 November 2010
All Saints' Day is celebrated in Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Peru, Philip  read more...
Bullfighting Season Peru
01-01 November 2010
Currently, the bullfighting season in the Acho bullring in Lima which has its present form since 1946, and is owned by the Sociedad de Beneficencia Pública de Lima starts the 1st of November and ends  read more...
Independence Day Antigua and Barbuda
01-01 November 2010
Antique and Barbuda Independence Day is celebrated in November 1st every year.

This commemorates Antique and Barbuda’s independence from the British in 1981  read more...
Revolution Day Algeria
01-01 November 2010
November 1, in Algeria commemorates the first successfully coordinated attacks on 1954, by the National Liberation Front, against French military installations, public utilities, and communications fa  read more...
Remembrance Day Slovenia
01-01 November 2010
Remembrance Day Slovenia is the anniversary of the death of Slovenian poet France Prešeren.

Chiang Kai shek Birthday Taiwan
31-31 October 2010
On October 31, Taiwan celebrates Chiang Kai-Shek Day. The birth anniversary of Chiang Kai-Shek is celebrated as a national holiday in Taiwan.

Taiwan celebrate 
Reformation Day Slovenia
31-31 October 2010
Slovenia, on October 31, celebrates Reformation Day to mark the anniversary that ushered in a wave of reforms.

Reformation Day is a national holiday in Sloven 
Cumhuriyet Bayrami Turkey
29-29 October 2010
Republic Day is celebrated on 29 October and marks the day in 1923 when Turkey's constitution was changed, freeing it from the grasp of the Ottoman Empire, to become a republic.

National Holiday Greece
28-28 October 2010
This is the day of the National Anniversary of Greek Independence. The day military parades and folk dances and Greek Orthodox churches hold special services.

Independence Day Turkmenistan
27-27 October 2010
This national holiday commemorates Turkmenistans independence from the U.S.S.R. on October 27, 1991.

Turkmenistan and other republics were gradually able to e  read more...
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