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The country of Nepal is full of adventures and excitement. There are ample scopes of Entertainment in Nepal for the tourists. The nightlife in Kathmandu is rocking with world known casinos and famous clubs, pubs and movie theatres. A few temples and restaurants offer entertainment and some tourist hotels stage Nepalese folk dances and musical shows. Have a look at the entertainment sources in Nepal.

Nightlife in Nepal
The cities in Nepal provide wonderful scope of leisure and recreation which wide scope of enjoyment. Nepal nightlife is safe and both local people as well as foreign tourists visit the nightlife hot spots. The popularity of nightlife has also given a boost to tourism in the country. Popular centers of nightlife are notable tourist attractions in Nepal. One of the popular things to do in Nepal is to enjoy the vibrant Nightlife in Nepal. Nepal is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. The cities in Nepal consist of plenty of centers of nightlife where travelers can enjoy.

Various local bands play at venues in Kathmandu and Pokhara.  There are many bars and pubs in the Thamel area, each has its own character and theme. They serve local as well as international brands of beer, wines and so on. Live performances are performed by well known artists. The night clubs and discos are ideal places to go on a dancing spree. The dance floors are excellent and expert disc jockeys play the music. Movie theaters in Nepal show only Bollywood Hindi movies, usually without English subtitles. Some people still enjoy going to watch such features as a cultural experience and you are sure to enjoy the vibrant colors and music. New venues have begun showing English language movies, however, they tend to be very far behind the western market.

The casinos are the main spark of Nepal's nightlife. People travel to Nepal for various reasons and one of the reasons for their travel especially to play in the Casinos of Nepal. Kathmandu offers visitors an array of exciting, action-packed casinos where you can enjoy 24 hours of fun and games. There are four Casinos in Kathmandu located in the premises of the city’s top hotels which offers 24 hours of non stop fun and games like baccarat, blackjack, flush, poker, pontoon, roulette, and other card games and slot machines. All the games are played in chips and they can be bought with US dollars or Indian rupees. You'll get free food and sometimes a disco if you put some money on the tables.

Cultural Programs
Cultural programs offer a fascinating glimpse of Nepal's diverse ethnic and cultural traditions. In Pokhara many restaurants have a cultural dance show on every night. Nepalese folk dances are an expression of joy. They celebrate the changing of the seasons or youthful romances. Evening time in rural Nepal is often filled with the sound of folk songs.

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