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For over forty years, Nepal has been an extremely fascinating destination for travelers, scholars, and researchers. For those interested in culture, the Kathmandu valley, is endowed with seven World Heritage sites. This valley was divided into three kingdoms less than a century ago. It now contains countless architectural monuments, and vestiges of varied cultural and religious traditions. This large squire is the historic seat of the Nepalese Royalty. The Squire, with its old temples and palaces, epitomizes the religious and cultural life of the people. There are so many temples around Durbar Squire, one of Living Goddess - Temple of Kumari is located in the vicinity of the Durbar Squire palace. The building has many carved wooden balconies and window Screens. Foreigners (Non Hindu) may enter the courtyard, but are not beyond that point.


The Capital and home to Nepal's only International Airport is a buzzing vibrant place, although like so many capital cities in the developing world it begins to show signs of congestion over the past few years, this hardly detracts from its mystery and celebration of life. The Kathmandu valley, the political, commercial cultural hub of Nepal is famed for its natural beauty and historic, holistic place. Once a separate kingdom in itself, it contains three fabled cities, Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur. Each is an artistic exposition of graceful temples, elegant palaces, brick paved courtyards and quaint streets Foreigners (Non Hindu) may enter the courtyard, but are not beyond that point. The Kumari acknowledges greetings from well wishes from her balcony carved window. Photography is prohibited. The Kumari Goddess is also known as the Virgin Goddess..


Bhaktapur is situated 14 km east of Kathmandu and is the least developed of the three cities in the valley. Translated Bhaktapur means the city of devotees. The most laid back of the three valley towns its narrow brick paved streets harbor hidden shrines and statues around every corner.

Swayambhunath Stupa

Three kilometer west of Kathmandu city complex locates the one of the worlds mostglorious Buddhist Stupa, it is said to be 2000 years old. Visitors often call it "Monkey Temple".  The main structure brick and clay which supports a lofty conical spire capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt.


Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and compassion. It is 21km west of Bhairahawa and 285 km south-west of Kathmandu. It is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhist as well as place of reverence for peace lovers of any religious faith throughout the world.


Panauti is wedged between the Punyamata and Roshi streams. Panauti forms the shape of a triangle with a serpent (Naga) idol standing at each of its three corners to protect from floods. Pride of this place goes to the massive, three-tired Indreshwor Mahadev.


About eight Kilometers north of Kathmandu , at the base of Sivapuri Hill, is a remarkable, colossal statue of Lord Vishnu, reclining on a bed of snakes.


It is situated nine kilometers southwest of Kathmandu . This place is famous for its gorge. All the waters of the Valley drain through it. Legend has it that the God Manjushri cut the gorge to drain out Kathmandu Valley which was then a lake. There is a small but picturesque temple of Adinath on the top of a Hill.

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