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Nepal Communications

There are various modes of communication in Nepal. There is an availability of all the modern communication forms in Nepal. Nepal's communications systems are somewhat antiquated. Despite this, you will be able to make use of a variety of communication facilit Making long distance call is easy from major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Cyber cafes and communication shops offer phone and Internet services in every corner. They let you receive and send fax and provide computer for Internet access for a fee. Nepal Telecom, now it has become a Company Limited phone monopoly charges very high prices for international phone calls. Expect US $1 to US $2 a minute calling rates to most countries and expect to pay 10 to 20 % higher at the cyber cafes or communication shops. Five-year plans prioritized transportation and communications, but although the results were significant, they remain inadequate. Nepal has 13,849 kilometers (8,522 miles) of paved, graveled, and fair-weather roads, with the major highways linking east to west and north to south.

Communication system improved impressively after the advent of modern technology in Nepal. Since the past few decades, Nepal Government has been providing reliable postal services. Many private courier service companies have opened up to provide high quality services. Besides hotels, communication centers in many places of the country provide telephone service for making local and international telephone conversation.

Public Phone Booths (PCOs)

One of the main modes of communication in Nepal are the Public phone booths. They are generally known as PCOs in Nepal. They provide the facility for local (within the city) calls, STD (Inter – State) calls, ISD (International) calls. Even Fax facility is available. You will find these PCOs in every nook and corner.

Cyber Cafes

Looking for an inexpensive and fast communication, you can use the services of cyber cafes in Nepal. These cyber cafes provide all the Internet facilities like e-mail, chatting, voice chat, etc. You can easily locate them, as they are present in quite a large number.


Nepal has a good telephone service as well as telegraph facilities. Domestic calls are transmitted via microwave and optical fiber. International telephone calls are sent by means of radiotelephone communications, satellite and microwave land line. As of December 2004 there were 422 456 Public Switched Telephone Network/PSTN telephones in Nepal.


As the Internet has increased in popularity throughout the world, Internet services in Nepal have flourished and prices continue to decrease. Internet cafes are scattered around major cities in Nepal.

Mass Media

Mass media is an important form of communication in all countries. Whether television, radio or through the press, mass media provides the population with up-to-date news and information.

Newspapers and Cable TV

For those that just have to stay informed, you'll find the Herald Tribune in local shops and even the Asia Wall Street Journal in more expensive hotels. If you want to get a taste of local news and a new take on world events, pick up "The Kathmandu Post" or "The Rising Nepal".

Courier Services

There are various Domestic and International courier companies like Aircone, Indo Nepal Courier Service, Nepal Agency & Company (P) Ltd, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT Express Worldwide, Sky Net, Blue dart in Nepal are providing courier services with in Nepal & world wide.

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