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Nepal is a landlocked country, with India and China forming land borders with the country. Nepal transport system consists of the modes of travel in the country. Since the country is mostly mountainous and has a rough and rugged terrain, transport system in Nepal is an interesting phenomenon. Due to the landscape of the country, roadways and airways are the only modes of transport in the country. Railways have not been able to develop a lot because of the mountainous land surface. There are several options for getting around Nepal. Royal Nepal Airlines operates an extensive domestic air network at decent prices, but their aircraft are old and schedules are notoriously unreliable. A handful of private operators with great names such as Yeti Air, Cosmic Air and Buddha Air also run flights in small planes around the country.

All ground transportation, airport transfers and sightseeing, will be provided via private car and guide. If you wish to explore on your own, we recommend metered taxis that can be hailed off the streets and are easily recognizable by the taxi sign and their black number plates. Night taxis are available for higher prices. Three wheeler scooters that are cheaper than taxis are also available. For cheaper rides buses and teeny vans called micro buses are available to different parts of the Valley.


In 2005 Nepal's state bus company Sahja Yatayat started a weekly direct bus service between Kathmandu and Lhasa. The service costs US$70 per person, plus US$60 for three nights accommodation and a service fee. Foreigners currently aren't allowed to take the bus due to Chinese visa and permit hassles, but this could change.

The buses are quick, regular and pretty clean. They run back and forth between Kathmandu and Pokhara, and also to Chitwan National Park. Of course, a road trip in the Himalayas is never without a white knuckle factor. The scenery will be fantastic and it will probably end up being better than any rollercoaster. There are regular bus services to Kathmandu from all the border points. Tickets may be booked in advance from hotels or travel agents in Thamel. Buses for the different parts of the country are available at the Gongabu bus terminal, which is located near Balaju

Private car

The exact type of car will differ according to the size of your party and the nature of your itinerary. For example, if you are heading into the Himalayas to begin a trek, you might find yourselves in a 4X4 jeep or something similar, as these vehicles are fit for mountain roads.

Shorter transfers

For the shorter transfers, for example from your hotel to the airport and around Kathmandu, it's often best to take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. These are very easy to arrange on the spot and it's more economical (and fun) for you to book them locally. When you're staying in the towns and cities, we recommend using auto-rickshaws to get around.


Nepal Railways Corporation Ltd operates a freight and passenger service in the eastern Terai. However, tourists aren't allowed to cross the border on the passenger train.

Bicycles and motorcycles

These can be hired cheaply from Thamel, Rani Pokhari and Jhochhen. Motorcyclists require a driving licence. Cyclists should make sure they have a working bell and a scarf to cover their mouth and nose from powerful exhaust fumes.


Metered taxis are plentiful in Kathmandu; at night, the meter reading plus 50% is standard. Private taxis are more expensive and fares should be agreed before departure.


These come in two types. One is a three-wheeled electric or propane-powered microbus for 10-13 passengers. They run in different routes around the city. The other type is a newer Toyota van running the same routes at a higher price and a bit faster and safer. It is more comfortable and is slowly taking the place of former.


Another choice is to rent a motorcycle. And it can be rented in the Thamel area at a low cost. Most of the bikes in the stable are Royal Enfield Bullets or Yamaha RD 350. These are good machines and are the best for long hill rides.

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