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Nepal Duty Free

Nepal Duty Free

Travelers to Nepal do not have to pay duty on 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or the equivalent in other tobacco products; 1 litre of alcohol and perfume for personal use. It is illegal to export goods that are over 100 years old. The two countries have no formal trade ties so far and the traders were conducting trade on the basis of mutual understanding.

WHO/UN international staffs are allowed to import household goods and a private vehicle, on a duty-free basis, within 6 months of their arrival in Nepal.  Clearance formalities can be started after the arrival of the staff member and upon receipt of the original Airway Bill/Bill of Lading, Invoice, and packing list.  In Nepal clearance takes approximately 2-4 weeks time.  Original airway Bill/Bill of Lading, Invoice, Certificate of Country of Origin, in case of vehicle must be provided to the Office of WHO Representative, Kathmandu, Nepal, to process an exemption certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HMG Nepal.


Apart from used personal belongings, visitors are allowed to bring to Nepal free of duty cigarette (200) or cigars (50), distilled liquor (one 1.15 liter bottle), and film (15 rolls). You can also bring in the following articles free of duty on condition that you take them out with you when you leave: binocular, movie or video camera, still camera, laptop computer, and portable music system. In a bid to boost the Nepalese economy, the Indian government has decided to withdraw the 4 per cent additional custom duty on imports from Kathmandu sources confirmed that the Indian government has decided to waive the additional import duty as a special concession for Nepal.


The export of antiques requires special certification from the Department of Archeology, National Archive Building, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu. It is illegal to export objects over 100 years old like sacred images, paintings, manuscripts that are valued for culture and religious reasons. Visitors are advised not to purchase such items as they are Nepal's cultural heritage and belong here.

Restricted Items to bring in Nepal
  • Passengers should declare foreign currency in the currency declaration form if currency notes, bank notes or TC's are in excess of US $10,000 or equivalent. In case of currency notes only these are be declared if the same are in excess of US$ 5,000 or equivalent.
  • Dangerous drugs such as coca leaf, cocaine, hemp, charas, opium, morphine and their mixtures and derivatives.
  •  Jewellery or articles made wholly or mainly of gold or of silver, in excess of permitted limit (Rs.20, 000/- for females and Rs.10, 000/- for males)
  • Plants including parts of plants, soil seeds, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, coffee seeds, coffee beans, cottons and un-manufactured tobacco which may contain exotic pests/diseases.
  • Any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, drawing, painting, representation, figure, article or objectionable literature or any class of goods.
  • Pet animals and birds in a limited number.
  • Fire arms.
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