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Entertainment in Bhutan

Entertainment in Bhutan forms an important feature of tours to Bhutan. So, if you are planning to come to Bhutan to spend your holidays then, do not miss the opportunity to explore the city from pillar to post in order to get a true picture of the country. It is a commonly known fact that entertainment in any country is closely associated to its cultural aspects and traditional values. The same is true for Bhutan as well. In fact, entertainment can comprise anything that you do and that gives you pleasure. A visit to a national park can be adventurous and you can enjoy the trip to your heart's content. There are plenty of options for enjoying a gala time in Bhutan.

Food and Drink in Bhutan
Bhutanese food is generally good. Dining in Bhutan is another constituent of entertainment in Bhutan. If you are a foodie then you can find some of the finest materials for your palate in any of the popular food joints in Paro or Thimpu. The food in hotels is often the best in town, but in main towns now there are few restaurants increasingly becoming popular. One of the interesting things to note is that the cuisine of Bhutan is more or less similar to that of the Western countries.

Shopping in Bhutan
When you come to Bhutan, do not forget to visit the market places which provide excellent ambience for shopping. Shopping in Bhutan is really a wonderful experience for the tourists. There is a number of Shopping Centers in Bhutan. Bhutan has small but vibrant cottage industry. Colorful wooden masks and other wooden products are made in Bhutan. Bhutanese woven cloth is famous around the world. Yathra, brightly colored woven material made from wool and dyed with natural colors, is a popular item in the country. The weekend market close to the river is held on Saturday and Sunday. The market is a good place to pick up masks and handicrafts at cheaper prices than the shops.

Nightclubs in Bhutan
Nightlife in Bhutan is vibrant. Nightclubs in Bhutan color up your night and prepare you for enjoying a rocking time out here. Groove into the midnight fever and spice up the night with in accompaniment with the music played by the DJ. Nightlife in Bhutan is mostly related to bars, wineries, nightclubs and pubs. Two most popular national drinks of Bhutan are souza (Bhutanese tea) and Ara (a spirit distilled from rice, wheat or corn).

Cinema Halls in Bhutan
There a quite a few cinema halls in Bhutan, especially in the major cities of Paro, Thimpu, Trashigang and Phuentsholing. Although primarily, Bhutanese cinemas are shown here, you can still manage to find a few halls that screen Hollywood and Bollywood movies

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