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Bhutan Communications

Communication facilities
Telecommunication facilities are available across the country although overseas mobile phones will not operate. With the introduction of internet to Bhutan in 1999, visitors can also access internet facilities in all major towns and cities.

Telephones were introduced in Bhutan in 1963. Most of the towns in Bhutan have both domestic and international direct dial facilities. The country code for Bhutan is 975. The international access code is 00. There are numerous PCOs through out the country.

Mobile was introduced in the month of November 2005 and now covers up to 9 districts in Bhutan. It has two categories of services. Post Paid and Pre-Paid.
* Post Paid: Monthly billing system.
* Pre-paid as per the recharge Card
* Sim Card is available at every dealer shops.

Postal Service:
The Bhutanese postal system is slow but extremely reliable. A letter takes about ten days to reach Europe, one week to Japan and three weeks to America . Package (up to 5 kg or 11 lb.) should be sent by registered mail. DHL and other courier services also now operate from Thimpu. DHL provides competent courier service to and from Bhutan, so you can easily send or receive packaged items and envelopes through it.

Internet Services:
Several Internet cafes and communication centers have opened up in the Valley and around the country in the past few years. Visitors only have to find a place they are most comfortable in to use the facilities to keep in touch with home. E-mail and Internet services are also offered by hotels.

The Kuensel, a newspaper of a government-owned corporation, circulates biweekly in Dzongkha, English and Nepali. Bhutan has about 15,000 Internet users, 25,200 landline subscribers, and 23,000 mobile phone subscribers. The Bhutan Broadcasting Service was established in 1973 as a radio service, broadcasting in short wave nationally, and on the FM band in Thimphu . Radio is the most effective media in the country and reaches by far the largest audience. Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) is the national public service broadcaster.

Nearly all hotels and some PCOs have the facilities to send and receive faxes. Tour operators in Bhutan now rely mostly on email for most of their communication but still use fax for documents such as visa authority letters.

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