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Bhutan festivals

Festivals is religious events. The ground where they are held is purified and consecrated by lamas, so when you are watching a festival you are, in essence, on the perimeter of an outdoor religious ground. The conduct of the onlooker should be governed with this in mind. The dancers whether monks or layman, are in a state of meditation. They transform themselves into the deities, which they represent on the dance ground. They generate a spiritual power, which cleanses, purifies, enlightens and blesses the spectators.

Punakha Dromche
The Dromche Festival, Bhutan generally takes place in the first month of the lunar year. Dromche (festival) generally include dances and this festival is dedicated to Yeshe Gompo (Mahakala) or Palden Lhamo, the two main protective deities of Drukpas (Drukpas = means people of Druk land or Bhutanese). The religious dances performed during festival are called ‘Cham’ and there are a large number of them. This festival includes masked dances; and wears spectacular costumes made of yellow silk or rich brocade, often decorated with ornaments of carved bone.

Paro Festival
Paro Festival is one of the busiest festivals in Bhutan, dances are performed by trained monks and laymen wearing amazing costumes, experience the buzzing active lifestyle while visiting many historical sites in Bhutan. This festival takes places from  15th to 19th March. The unfolding of the silk Thangka - which is so large that it covers the face of the building -is considered one of the most sacred blessings in the whole of Bhutan. The 'Thangka' is a religious picture scroll known as a Thongdroel and it is exhibited for a few hours, at day break of the final day of the festival, enabling the people to obtain its blessing. Paro festival is one of the most popular festivals in the country and amongst the tourist.

The Thimphu Tsechu
The Thimphu Tsechu that falls during autumn (September –October) is one of the grandest of the tsechus of Bhutan and attracts the largest number of locals and tourists. Thimpu Tsechu (September) It is an authentically traditional festival full with color, excitement and mystical power. The dancers recreate the myths and legends of Himalayan Buddhism in a swirl of color, music and mystery.  The festival normally spans 3-4 days. The festival is held at Tashichho Dzong- the main Secretariat Building, where the government ministries, the office of His Majesty the King, the Throne Room, the offices and living quarters of the monk body and its Chief Abbot are housed. Colourful and well choreographed mask dances are performed during the tsechus. During these tsechus, people come dressed in the finest attires to witness the mask dances. It is also an occasion during which families come out together and eat together. Thimphu tsechu is one of the biggest festivals in the capital of Bhutan

Trongsa Festival
The Trongsa festival usually takes place in December or January, depending on the Bhutanese calendar. The local people in this valley celebrate their annual five-day festival after the harvest during the winter. This festival held in the courtyard of the fortress is one of the popular festivals in Bhutan. All the festivals in Bhutan share the same theme, but each festival has its own special flavor. Different locals and venues provide a kaleidoscope of sight and sound. This festival is less congested than the more popular ones, providing visitors with a better opportunity to experience and photograph the events on a more intimate level.

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