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United Arab Emirates Festivals

Some of the major festivals in Dubai are:

Eid-ul-Adha & Hajj:
Eid-ul-Adha Eid Al Adha is a festival of sacrifice. Which pays homage to the Prophet Abraham's(PBUH) unselfish act of sacrificing his son, It is celebrated at the end of Hajj. This is the most important celebration in Islam. It takes place on the tenth day of the twelfth and last month (Eid ul-Hijjah) of the Islamic (Hijra) calendar. In turn, God spared the boy's life and instead substituted a sheep. Now in remembrance, people sacrifice a lamb, goat, or other animal, and give the meat to family, friends, relatives, and most importantly, the poor.

Ramadan is another major festival in Dubai better known as the month of fasting. It is the month of fasting. During Ramadan festival, all bars and pubs are closed. No alcohol is being served in restaurants. Non-Muslims are also prohibited from eating, drinking or smoking in public places. It is usually celebrated in the month of November. It is celebrated at the end of Hajj. This is the most important celebration in Islam. It takes place on the tenth day of the twelfth and last month (Eid ul-Hijjah) of the Islamic (Hijra) calendar.

Al_Hijra is one of the important festivals in Dubai. It is also known by the name Islamic New Year. This festival is celebrated by Muslims across the globe. Usually, it is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram.

Eid-Al Fitr
Eid-Al Fitr is a synonym to fun and frolic. Eid-Al Fitr is celebrated across Dubai with great fun and fervor. It is a three-day festival and is usually held in the month of December.Eid Al Fitr is a feast marking the end of Ramadan and is celebrated over three days. Celebrations start after prayers in the morning, and gifts are exchanged.

Dubai Shoping Festival:
The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) was started in 1996 by the government to promote retail trade in the city, and has since grown into the foremost shopping event in the world, an annual extravaganza of shopping and entertainment that promotes tourism and attracts millions of people from around the world to Dubai every year.

The National Day Festival of Dubai:
The National Day Festival of Dubai, is held on 2nd December every year. It is the day Dubai gained independence from British colonial rule. The most significant day in the history of Dubai, National Day is a celebration of honor, pride and patriotism. One of the biggest events and exhibitions in Dubai, National Day Festival is celebrated with great zest amongst locals.

International Film Festival:
The Dubai International Film Festival [DIFF] is a 7-day annual movie festival organized by the Dubai Media City and features various films, showcasing contemporary and classic global cinema. The first DIFF took place in December 2004 and the annual event's main venue is the Madinat Jumeirah.

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