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Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park, collection of more than 8,000 birds from 600 species, offers visitors an experience that is entertaining as well as educational. The whole family can enjoy the entertaining Birds n Buddies Show and be enthralled by the birds of prey in the King of the Skies show and in the Fuji World of Hawks.

The Penguin Parade enclosure, in a re-created Antarctic setting, houses more than 200 penguins of five species. The Southeast Asian Birds Aviary houses in its 24 individual aviaries and a main walk-in aviary, more than 100 species of birds from the equatorial jungles of Southeast Asia.

One of the newly opened areas of the park is the African Waterfall Aviary, home to more than 1,500 free-flying African birds. This is an enclosed sexton of the park with many small tropical birds and a beautiful man-made waterfall.and The Lory Loft showcases the Lory, a native bird of Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Visitors can enter, traverse and exit Lory Loft at treetop level, allowing for a bird eye’s view of the majestic panorama

Singapore's oldest primary Rain forest
The forest was never extensively cleared for cultivation and shelters a vast variety of plants. Bukit Timah was declared by Alfred Russel Wallace to be 'exceedingly productive'. Indeed, species new to science continue to be discovered here, even today!The most commonly encountered are the Long-tailed Macaques or monkeys.

Mountain biking trail
Although biking is not permitted within the Reserve, there is a 6km mountain biking trail around the Reserve's boundary which takes about 30min-1hr to complete, trail grade moderate to difficult. Hikers please do not use the biking trail. Bikers are not allowed to ride inside reserves

The Chinatown District
Singapore's MRT was wonderful. Being a seasoned subway traveler forced to take subways in New York City from time to time It is underground station are totly air-conditional.New York could certainly learn something from Singapore about subway service and cleanliness.
The Wak Hai chang Bio Temple
The Wak Hai Cheng Bio Temple was very interesting.It dramatically showed old and building located immediatly.The roof of the Wak Hai Cheng Bio Temple was beautifully and elaborately carved with various serpent and human figures.

The Thian Hock Keng Temple, "Temple of Heavenly Happiness,"Before Singapore's land reclamation project the temple stood on the shore at the point where the Chinese immigrants first stepped on land after crossing the perilous South China Sea.

Sri Mariammam's
The roof of the entire temple, including the inner buildings (right), were all topped by the brightly colored figures. Truly an amazing sight.

Sentosa island
Sentosa was once known as Pulau Blakang Mati which in Malay means the "Island (pulau) of Death (mati) from Behind (blakang)". The island has an area of 5 square kilometres.there are many atraction like that.

Tiger Sky Tower
The Tiger Sky Tower (previously known as the Carlsberg Sky Tower) is free-standing observation tower on Sentosa.The Sky Tower used to sit at the very spot of what was formerly known as the "Dragon Court".It has a dragon statue in the centerpiece with water spouting out from its mouth.In one of its claws ,it holds a previous logo of Sentosa which was used in the 1970`s. Its tail ends at the dragon trail at the northern part of Siloso point,until today,vistors at the dragon trail are stumbled at where a missing tail (Dragon's tail) leads too .

Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon
The Underwater World also includes a Dolphin Lagoon which is home to some Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, also known as the pink dolphins. Several "Meet-the-Dolphins" sessions are held daily to allow visitors to enter the waist-deep pool and interact with the dolphins at close proximity. A more involved "Swim-with-the-Dolphins' program, where visitors can interact extensively with the dolphins, is also available.

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