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Telecommunications in Mexico

Mexico Telecommunications Telmex used to be a state-owned monopoly. More than 90% of local connections still belong to this telecommunications giant. Nevertheless, there are other local telephone companies, notably Axtel, which has recently been launched. The phone line in your residence should already be hooked up.Phone bills can be paid at most bank branches.

Cellular Phone Providers

Currently, there are four cellular telephone providers in the Valley of Mexico area. Telcel, which belongs to Telmex, is the largest. Iusacel and Pegaso also offer cellular service, as does Nextel, although this last company works a little differently in that it caters mostly to businesses because of its ability to link their units as if they were wireless radios.

Mexican Postal Service

Regarding the Mexican Postal Service, there is an open debate about its effectiveness. No self-respecting business that places much importance on the timely distribution of its correspondence would rely on it for anything other than mass-mailings.

Couriers in Mexico

Companies tend to have propios, in-house messengers, for the delivery of important correspondence and paperwork of any kind within the city limits. Invitations for important functions are also hand delivered, although usually by a specialized delivery company, for about 8 pesos per delivery. Remember that most require up to a week to make the delivery from the time that they receive the material from the sender. For intra-Mexico correspondence a local carrier, such as Esta feta, usually does the trick.

Finally, for international deliveries, any of the well-known international companies work well, especially in the "overnight" categories (Mexico City is extremely well connected).

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