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Shopping in Bangladesh

For handy craft you can visit some shops in Dhaka, those are special for handy crafts, for pearls you may visit Aarong, which is famous for it and guaranteed for pureness. Bangladesh is famous for pink pearl around the world, You will find the natural pearls in here, if you are interested in pearls then you must try with the famous Pink Pearls of Bangladesh. Aarong carries a range of textiles and local craft, and most of it would come under the unbrella "gifts". Aarong is run by the world's largest NGO, BRAC, and their outlets feature production from their various projects in the country.

Nightlife in Bangladesh

Leading hotels have bars, but Western-style nightclubs do not exist. Displays of local dance and music are occasionally to be seen, particularly during religious festivals. Traditional theatre can be seen in major cities and the Dhaka City Corporation has opened a modern theatre hall called Dhaka Mahanagor Natya Mancha. Traditional cultural performances may also be seen at Dhaka's Shilpakala Academy.

Places to visit

Sundarbans National Park
The elusive Royal Bengal tiger can be found in the Sundarbans National Park, a lush coastal area of Khulna Division that contains the largest mangrove forest in the world.

For beaches head to Kuakata, a newly developed tourist resort on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh in Barisal Division.

Inani Beach
The world's longest and broadest beach, Inani Beach, is just south of Cox's Bazar, a thriving regional tourist centre and beach resort in the extreme southeast of Bangladesh.

Watersports is located in the Rangamati Hill District, Kapati Lake offers good opportunities for sailing, swimming and fishing. A range of watersports is also available on the coast, particularly at Cox's Bazar. Boating enthusiasts may head to Sunderbands National Park, large parts of which are only accessible by rowing boat.

Sylhet Division
Sylhet is the land of Shrine’s, natural Hills, forests, beautiful tree plantations and lots of Haors. It is an old city with full of natural beauties. A large number of tourists come every year to visit Sylhet. The main attraction of Sylhet city is the Shrine of Hajrat Shahjalal and Hajrat Shah Poran. Shrine of Hajrat Shahjalal  is on the top of a hillock in Sylhet city.

Bangladesh Beaches

Bangladesh being the largest riverine delta of the world is still today as if looks like a magical tapestry of green woven intricately by unspoiled nature. Bangladesh is blessed with some of the world’s splendid and the world’s longest unbroken sandy sea beach at Cox’s Bazar, the tranquil coastal islands like St. Martin, Inani, Moheskhali, Cheradeep, Sonadia, Kuakata, Kutubdia.

Bangladeshi Fashion
Bangladeshi costumes are colorful. Once, Bangladeshi “Moslin” and “Dhakai Jamdani” ware world famous. Men put on Lungi, Genji, Pant, shirts etc. Sharee is the main costume for Bangladeshi women. Beside Sharee- Salowar Kamiz also widely used.

River cruise
Bangladesh has long and wide beautiful rivers and scenic lakes making an ideal location for long and languid river cruises. River cruises have become major tourist attractions, giving a boost to the tourism industry. Today the thriving river cruise industry in Bangladesh is increasingly becoming bigger. Fortunately for the road-weary traveller, there is a comfortable - nay, luxurious - way to travel on the water instead of around it.

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