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Bangladeshi Food
Eating in Bangladesh is an exciting and rich experience. Food in Bangladesh has many different styles with thousands of great restaurants in all the major cities and towns of Bangladesh.

Western food is available in all major hotels and most of the big restaurants in import cities. But local dishes are normally far better and more exotic. Curries of many kinds around, cooked with proper spices and hot curry powders, including Korma, Rezala, Bhoona and Masala Gosht, Chicken, mutton, beef, fish and prawns, Chicken Afghani, Chicken Baghdadi, Chicken Kashmiri, Chicken Tikka, boti kabab, shutli kabab and a variety of fish curries should be tried. Rice in the form of pulao, biriani-with rice and mutton or chicken and khichuri are available in any reasonable restaurant. Those who do not care for rice dishes can try mughlai parata, plain parata or naan, which go very well with curries. Seafood and sweet-water fish are available in most of the towns. Fish-lovers should not miss smoked hilsa, fresh bhetki and chingri (lobster/king prawns) malaikari, Prawn dopyaza.

  • Chai - the milky sweet tea available almost everywhere.
  • Lassi - the refreshing yogurt drink. Green coconut water is a fine, safe and refreshing drink.
  • International  soft drinks, such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, 7-up, Mirinda, Sun Crest and Sprite are readily available. Hard drinks are also available in Bangladesh. On Fridays drinking in public areas is not recommended for foreigners.

Misti Dhohi, sweetened yogurt, Halua: a common dessert ranging from egg halua to carrot, sooji or wheat cream, almond, pistachio, nuts and so on, Sandesh: milk based dessert, one of the best available, Zorda: sweetened rice with nuts, Firni: rice flour cooked in milk, sugar and flavoring, Rasgolla & Kalojam: Two popular milk based desserts and made with sugar, flour and ghee, Ros Malai: round sweets floating in thick milk, Pitha: a blanket term for cakes or pastries including specific varieties such as chitoi, dhupi, takti, andosha, pufi, bhafa and pua,


Mangoes, Lichees, Bananas, Papayas, Jackfruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut and Oranges.

  • South - Barisal Division, Chittagong Division and Khulna Division, being close to the sea, tend to have a larger use of sea fishes in their cuisines in addition to coconut. Shutki, which is an especially treated dry fish, is extremely popular in these areas. Chittagong also exports shutki.
  • Dhaka/Central - Dishes involving fried rice and a lot of meat are usually legacies of Dhaka's past as the capital of Bengali empires. Much of this is still visible in the old city, where dishes like biriani, Mughlai porota and bakorkhani are made by speciality stores, many of which have existed for over a century.
  • Shorshe Ilish, a dish of smoked hilsa with mustard seeds, has been an important part of both Bangladeshi and Bengali cuisine.
  • West and North-west - Vegetable curries heavily occupy the main eating in these areas. Also, spices are more commonly, and more heavily, used. River fishes (sweet water fishes) are common in the dishes.
  • North-east - Large number of lakes around the Sylhet Division encourages greater use of lake fishes in the cuisine. Because of proximity to the hills in Assam, several fruits and pickles that are otherwise absent in rest of the country, such as satkorhai and shatkora, are used in cooking and serving, producing a distinct nature to the dining menu here.
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