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Top Things to do

Shopping in France

Shopping in France is one of the main activities which the travelers usually love to embark upon. Moreover, the fantastic country of France beams with numerous activities even at the odd hours of the day. France has always been the major attraction for tourists. Shopping in France is a great experience because France is probably, the ultimate shopper's paradise. Shopping in France includes lace, crystal glass, cheese, coffee, wines, spirits and liquors which are available amply at Crystal D'Arques which is situated between St Omar and Calais. Lille, which is the main town in France is known for textiles, specially fine lace. Of the other Activities in France, shopping is considered to be an important one. There are many antique centers where good quality of antique furniture and other objects are displayed for sale. The two popular antique centers are Louvre des Antiquaries and the Village Suisse. Shopping in France is really a great experience.
In fact, there are many things to do in France. Shopping helps you to choose from a variety of objects and it is a great pleasure Shopping in France.

Shopping hours: Department stores are open Mon-Sat 0900-1830. Some shops close 1200-1430. Food shops open 0700-1830/1930. Some food shops (particularly bakers) open Sunday mornings, in which case they will probably close Monday. Many shops close all day Monday or Monday afternoon. Hypermarkets are normally open until 2100 or 2200.


Nightlife in France occupies a very important position. Many bars also remain open at night. Also, there are a number of discotheques throughout the capital city of Paris. There are a total of 130 public casinos throughout the country. This also forms an important part of Entertainment in France.  France is known all over the world for its happening and vibrant night life. The dazzling Nightlife in France has attracted tourists to this exotic country. The Nightlife in France are famous world wide. There is no dearth of nightspots in France. Some of the popular nightspots in France are its dazzling bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Bars and pubs is one of the regularly visited nightspot of the city. The bars have relaxed sitting arrangements where the visitors will get a chance to enjoy beers, wines, cocktails and mock tails. Different kinds of appetizing cuisines can also be enjoyed in these venues. There are numerous bars and pub in France which holds live music performances exclusively for its visitors. Nightclubs are also other popular nightspots in France.  Throbbing music and pulsating played the DJs are one of the other reason for the popularity of the nightclubs. The happening Nightlife in France is one of the cause which has attracted tourists to this exotic and beautiful country.

It is characterized with plenty of live rock and jazz as well as wider choices like theatre, opera and concerts. The most animated nightlife is to be found around place Jean Jaures, with plenty of bars to choose from and live music to listen to.


French food and wines are the most well known in the world. The French are passionate about their food and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to specialities of different regions. French cuisine is fairly simple, relying on high quality fresh ingredients and loving preparation rather than complex recipes. The French take there meals seriously, although don't let that deter you from having a relaxed, impromptu meal. From bustling markets with the freshest selection of goods, to intimate stores devoted to bread, cheese, and wine, the gastronomic perfection of food in France is spectacular. There are thousands of great restaurants in France.


France has a long and scenic coastline extending over 3,427 km, and housing some of the finest beaches in the world. Beaches in France are known for their breathtaking coastal scenery, soft and clean sands, and world-class hotels and resorts. France has several world-renowned natural beaches, including the famous Cap d'Agde. Natural beaches in France are excellent for lazing, sunbathing, or indulging in a wide range of exciting water sports. The beaches in France along the Mediterranean Sea on the south coast are clean and soft, and are Almost every coastal region in France is blessed with world-class beaches. The beaches along the Mediterranean on the south coast are clean and soft, and are the finest beaches in France.

Hiking in France

Hiking also features as one of the major sports in France. It is a great way to explore the countryside. France, is an absolute state of bliss, is a famous tourists destination. Hiking in France is filled with total adventure and exhilaration. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, you are sure to have a great time hiking on the snowy Alps. One can see the beautiful landscapes, the unique flora and fauna when embarking on a holiday to France. One can go for hiking either during the winter season or in the summer seasons. There are some popular spots like, French Alps, Pyrenees, Champagne, the Massif Central, the island of Corsica, the Jura and the Ardennes, where you will definitely enjoy the hiking.

Scuba Diving in France

Scuba diving has recently gained popularity in France, but has already become one of the most favorite hobbies of the French people. The act of swimming under water using artificial breathing devices is what is popularly known as Scuba Diving. Unlike Snorkeling and Free Diving, one takes artificial breathing support in this sport. Scuba Diving in France is one sport that generates huge enthusiasm among the masses. Scuba Diving is one of the dominant sports in France. There are various activities for adventure and recreation in France. People of France love their sports and is enthusiastic about adventurous and the so called bold sports. In France, one can find some of the most scintillating and breathtaking beaches. Scuba Diving in France is vastly popular and draws young and old alike.

Surfing in France

Surfing is a popular recreational activity. Surfing in France is one of the most popular sports in France.With waves from the Atlantic Ocean entering the Bay of Biscay, this western coast of France is perfect for surfers. With sandy beaches and plenty of night-life too, it's likely you will enjoy the land time as much as the water.

Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person heads towards the face of a wave as it approaches the shore. This pulsating sport is popular in France and allures young and old alike. The surfers embark on a surfboard or kneeboards, or body boards, kayaks or surf skis.

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