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Communications in France
France has emerged as one of the most influential countries of the world today. Communications in France is an undeniable factor which keeps the country moving in the fast paces of the modern time. Communications in France is also based on the industry related to radio, television and newspapers. Most of the programs telecasted on radio and television are in French. The French Television offers six channels. Most of the newspapers come out in the official language of France. Some of the popular english-language newspapers available in the country are the the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, the Washington Post, and European. France is blessed with an efficient working postal department. The Internet facility is highly mobilized. While you are in the country, you can keep in touch with your near and dear ones with e-mails, which is the most hassle-free way. This also proves cost efficient for your pockets. Communications in France is helping the country move forward with utmost efficiency.
France is always among the top choices as a favorite tourist destination. There are many different languages that the residents of the country speak and communicate in. France is a country where there is a heterogeneous mix of people. France has a rich and diverse culture, and so there are several languages being spoken in different regions of the country. French is the official language of France and by far the most widely spoken language in the country. French is also spoken in parts of Belgium and Switzerland, and former French colonies, including French Guiana, northwestern Africa, Indochina, Haiti, Madagascar, and parts of Canada. There are 75 languages in France that are officially recognized. French is the official language of the country.

International Dialing Code

French numbers have 10 digits (first two digits are the area code) which should be dialled in full wherever you are. To phone France from the UK dial 00 33 but not the first ‘0’ in the area code. To phone the UK from France dial 00 44 but not the first ‘0’ from the STD code.

Cellular telephone coverage in France is excellent, and through the use of GSM telephones and SIM cards, you can utilize a cellular phone during your stay at surprisingly minimal costs. In fact, in France and elsewhere in Europe, incoming cell phone calls are free. The French use the GSM system which operates in 190 countries and they simply slide in what is known as a French SIM card in order to get service. The prepaid option is used by a large portion of the cellphone users in France simply because you have no bills to pay and can budget your expenditure. It is also the most suitable for the tourist. Businessmen usually opt for cellular service that is contractual and doesn't ever need to be recharged or "reloaded." Recharging a French SIM card is simple. You can get recharge cards at many convenience stores and newsstands. In order to obtain a French SIM card (the actual chip allowing you service), you need to either be a resident in France and proof of residency or to purchase them from companies that specialize in providing cell phone service for France or French phones and SIM cards.

E-mail and the Internet
E-mail is the cheapest and most hassle-free way of staying in touch with home while in France. Due to the increase in internet and e-mail use, Internet Cafes are becoming common place and can be found in most towns throughout France. Rates may vary, but you will be charged according to the amount of time spent using the computer.

Postal Services
French post offices (bureaux de poste or PTTs) — look for bright yellow La Poste signs — are generally open 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

Newspapers and Magazines
Most of the newspapers come out in the official language of France. Some of the popular english-language newspapers available in the country are the the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, the Washington Post, and European. French newspapers will be of less interest if you are not a reader of French. There are some local English-language magazines, but you will probably find yourself reaching for an international edition of a British or American newspaper or an international news magazine to keep up on current events. These are available in major cities and tourist centers, though they can get to be an expensive habit.

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