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Getting There

By Air
Paris has two major international airports, Charles de Gaulle to the north and Orly to the south. Both of these airports are conveniently located in terms of distance from the city's center. Many international airlines land on both of these airports coming from North America or major European cities. CDG is the home of Air France (AF), the national company, for most intercontinental flights.
Air France, France's national carrier, and scores of other airlines link Paris with every part of the globe. Other French cities with direct international air links include Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

By Train
You could also enter France by train. Paris is one of Europe's busiest rail junctions with trains arriving and departing every minute. French trains are fast, clean, and punctual. Paris international train stations are Gare De Lyon for directions to central, east and south east Europe, like the Balkans and Greece via the former Yugoslavian countries and further to the East Turkey, Gare du Nord serve destinations north west Europe i.e. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia, from Gare du Nord departs Eurostar to London and Brussels. From Gare de Bercy there are departures to South France and Italy.
The French national railway company manages one of Europe's most efficient railway networks while TGV trains, which are the fastest trains in the world, run from Paris to major cities in France as well as Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland. The cost of traveling by train is relatively low compared to renting a car.

There are good long-distance buses, but local bus services outside of Paris and other main cities in France are less frequent than in many countries. Buses travel to Paris from London and all major cities of Europe. The major bus company is Eurolines France which has its main departure and arrival point located 35 minutes away from central Paris. Paris is the country's main bus and rail hub, with services to/from every part of Europe. Buses are slower and less comfortable than trains, but they are cheaper.

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