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France Festivals

Chaumont International Garden Festival – April 29th - October 15th 2010
The International Garden Festival held in Chaumont-sur-Loire, France every year displays 30 show gardens as well as the Chateau's landscaped grounds. The Flower Shows often attract more than 150,000 visitors every year.

Fête des lumières - Festival of Lights – May 8th 2010
The Festival of Lights festival in Lyon, France is a day to express one’s gratitude towards Mother Mary celebrated on December 8th every year . The festival includes a range of activities for 4 days with the peak being on 8th. The two main activities include the Basilica of Fourvière lit up in varied colors and and the Place des Terreaux which involves hosting a unique light show each year.

The Cannes Film Festival – May 12th – May 23rd 2010
The Cannes Film Festival, which is known as the world's most esteemed film festival is held in France. The city of Cannes prepares for this major gala taking place in the month of May every year. This is among the popular festivals in France, which is surrounded by a large number of enthusiasts.

Bastille Day - July 14th 2010
One of the oldest and historical festivals in France, which is celebrated every year, is the festival of Bastille Day. We all know the importance of the date July 14, 1789, when the Bastille prison in Paris was stormed down by the revolutionaries. In order to celebrate the victory of the republicans over the Monarchist rule, and the establishment of a new French Republic, people of France make this day a special one. People gather near the July Column and the Opéra Bastille which has replaced the Bastille Prison and government declares it as a national holiday.

Nice Jazz Festival – July 17th –July 24th 2010
Another important event taking place in France is the Nice Jazz Festival. It has been reported that more than 48,000 spectators come in the city of Nice, to watch this Festival. The lovers of Jazz music all over the world come here to witness the vigor and charm of this festival. The exciting part of this festival is that the concerts starts from 7pm and goes on even after midnight.

La Pourcailhade – Festival of Pig – August 2010
While you look forward to some popular festivals in France, you must not miss out on festival of the Pig at Trie Sur Baise in France. This is a different kind of festival where people participate in piglet races, a pork sausage-eating contest and a competition for the best piggy outfit.

Docks Art fair – September 14th – September 20th 2010
Docks Art fair is a treat for art lovers with an unparalleled international art exhibition and fair founded by Olivier and Patricia Houg. The fair is held in Lyon, France to support and unearth emerging artists with the conceot of “solo shows”.

Paris Photo – November 18th – November 21st 2010
Paris Photo is an annual photography fair held with a special theme inviting native artists from a specific country or region. Paris Photo 2010 to be held in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France with spotlight on Central Europe this year.

Christkindelsmärik – November 27th – December 31st 2010
Christkindelsmärik is basically a Christmas market (French: Marché de Noël) organized in Strasbourg, France, near Strasbourg Cathedral every year. The Christmas market is one of the oldest Christmas markets drawing millions of people every year.

Sports Festivals in France
French Tennis Open invites the world class tennis players all over the world to battle it out in Roland Garros stadium to win the Grand Slam tennis tournament taking place at the end of May every year. The tennis fans should not miss out this show. Not to forget the Formula Grand Prix and the Tour De France (Bike Race) happening every year.

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