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Maldives Communications


Maldives Communications is a fast developing sector of the island nation. Initially the facilities of communication available in Maldives were not modernized and upgraded. With time, the condition of Maldives communications improved and now all the inhabited islands are connected via different means of communication.

Communication in Maldives is not difficult at all. The country has a good number of mediums of communication, which allows one to get connected to any place across the world.

Language In Use

Maldivian Dhivehi is the official language however it has borrowings from Hindi, Arabic and many other languages. English is widely spoken particularly by those working in the tourism industry and government officials.

Postal Services

The country also provides postal services. It takes about a week time for the airmail to reach Western Europe. To make us aware about what is happening in and around the country, press comes to play an important role. Local dailies publish the news in Dhivehi language. However, a few pages are written in English language.


Telephone services have improved; each island now has at least 1 public telephone, and there are mobile cellular networks with rapidly expanding subscribership The telecommunications sector is well developed in the Maldives. The country has a good telephone system. Both fixed and mobile telephony services are available in the Maldives. It is possible to do both national and international calls; The islands also have a good connectivity and are connected with telephone and fax services. The mobile telephone system is rapidly growing in this country. Packages that are prepaid and roaming are available here.

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Mobile is also wellsuited to the Maldivian environment of boat transport among the various islands since cellular signals are available at sea in most atolls where there is mobile coverage.

Computers And Internet

There is no local assembly and all PCs are imported. Import taxes on PCs are a moderate five per cent compared to an average of 21 per cent for other products. The Internet can be accessed from most areas of the country and Male has Wi-Fi available in many cafes however has a lack of internet cafes.

Mobile Internet

Allows internet access on your mobile phone. It is an 'always on' service, so you are not paying for dial up connection and can stay connected for as long as you like.


Maldives communications also comprises a number of radio, The radio broadcasting stations number to only 3, namely AM radio, FM radio and Shortwave.

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