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Maldives Culture


Maldivian culture is derived from a number of sources, the most important of which are its proximity to the shores of Sri Lanka and South India. The population is mainly Indo-Aryan from the anthropological point of view.

The language is from Indo-Iranian Sanskritic origin, which points at a later influence from the North of the Subcontinent. The Dhivehi language is closely related to Sinhala.Diverse and colorful, the culture of Maldives enwraps you in a pleasant mist of traditional color and sea charm. The genesis of Maldivian culture is cloaked in mystery and the vibrant culture of Maldives traces its roots to the colorful traditions of the diverse communities.

Religious Beliefs

Islam is the only national religion; no other religions are permitted. All Maldivians belong to the Sunni sect. Only Muslims may become citizens, marry, or own property in Maldives, and daily life is regulated according to the tenets of Islam.Most holidays are based on the Islamic lunar calendar. The early Maldivians were probably Buddhists or Hindus migrating from the Indian subcontinent.

Dance And Music

The term Bobu is used for the famous music and dance form of Maldives.Though performances of traditional music and dance are not daily events, the Dhivehi culture is strong and adaptive despite various foreign influences, ranging from Hindi movies and Oriental martial arts, to Michael Jackson and Muslim fundamentalism.

Food And Fruits

Fish and rice are the staple foods of Maldivians with meat and chicken eaten only on special occasions. National dishes include fried fish, fish curry and fish soup. Arecanut (an oval nut chewed with betel leaf, cloves and lime) is the equivalent of an after-dinner mint. Alcohol is only available in tourist resorts.

The local brew is raa, a sweet and delicious toddy tapped from the crown of the palm trunk. Apart from coconuts, there are very few fruits and vegetables grown on the islands, so most of the food served at tourist resorts is imported.

Life Style

The populace of the land echoes an ideal blend of modernity and tradition. All hold the right to an education. Everyone has room to contribute equally to the economic life of the nation A system of extended families provide a safety net for members of a family going through difficult periods. In addition to the parents other members of the family also contribute in taking care of children. Traditionally men go out fishing during the day and women are responsible to look after the affairs of the family and very often the community.

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