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Italy Communications
Italy is the fifth largest market in the world for both communications services and television. The telecommunications system, specifically mobile and personal communications, in Italy was liberalized by law that Italian government implemented in 1997 in order to comply with the EC directives. Telecom Italia maintains monopoly over local telephone calls. Mobile phone coverage is good and most international mobile phone companies will have roaming agreements with Italy. Public telephones are available but to reduce calling costs it is advisable to purchase a prepaid phonecard (at tobacconists, post offices and newsagents). Internet access is common throughout the country. There are internet kiosks at airports and internet access is available in some cafes and some public libraries may have free access. Most hotels will also have access but you should check whether there is a fee for use.

International Dialing Code

Telecom Italia is the national telephone company in Italy which provides the land line telephone services. Other telephone service providers include Infrostada, BTItaly, Tele2 and Tiscali.

Postal Services
Post offices situated in large cities generally open from 8am to 2pm on Mondays and Fridays and 8am-11:45am on Saturdays. On special occasions and during the last days of the months there may be shorter hours. It also provides telegram services and registered mail. Make sure to always confirm the correct postage for all postcards or letters to save time. An airmail containing incorrect postage will be sent to the sender via surface mail and can usually take longer than weeks or even months.

Internet Availability

Like the rest of the world, Internet has become popular in Italy as in any other countries particularly in Europe. Big cities or urban areas use broadband to connect to the Internet whereas Teleconomy Internet is used in rural areas without access to broadband. The leading internet service provider in Italy is operated by the Telecom Italia, Alice, TinIt. Several internet cafes and bars are also available anywhere in Italy to connect to the Internet.

Newspapers in Italy
The Italian press is mainly located in Rome and Milan. There are approximately 80 daily newspapers, the largest of which are La Repubblica and Il Corriere della Sera which publish regional and northern editions. The main regional newspapers for the south are Il Gazetto del Sud and Mezzogiorno for the whole south (based in Reggio Calabria), Il Giornale di Sicilia (based in Palermo) and La Sicilia (based in Catania) for all of Siciliy, Barisera for Bari and Il Quotidiano for Reggio Calabria.

L'Arena is one of Italy's oldest newspapers in the north east. The first issue was published just before Italian troops entered Verona chasing out the Austrians in October 1866. Corriere dello Sport/Stadio is published in Rome and is distributed throughout Italy. It is one of two newspapers that is primarily dedicated to sport. Florence's more important newspaper is La Nazione which started life in July 1859. It's also distributed in Umbria and the province of La Spezia. Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy's leading daily financial newspaper. The daily newspaper, La Repubblica, provides articles on news, sport, stock market information, weather reports, travel, fashion, etc. Corriere della Sera is controlled by the Agnelli family and is considered to be the most prestigious newspaper in Italy. Italians like to compare it to the New York Times.

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