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The land of art, sun, and a thousand different types of pasta, Italy is packed with a variety of sights, sounds, and tastes. Italy is one of those countries about which you probably have quite a number of preconceptions before you have put one foot into the country.  A country of olive oil and mafia, pasta, wine and sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces, Italy has a lot to offer its visitors. Italy is a modern country with deep Roman Catholic roots, full of interesting stuff for the casual tourist and even more for the educated visitor. Italy has always been a tourist destination, either on his art and architecture, music, food, natural beauty and wine. The country has always been a top list of most well loved not only among Europeans, but throughout the world. Italy is one of the most visited tourist countries. There are famous places like Venice, Florence, Siena, Milan, Naples, The Amalfi coast, Capri, the Lakes Region, Sicily, Sardinia, the Alps and of course Rome. Italy Tourist Destinations surely leave you spellbound with their amazing variety and it is not surprising that millions of visitors arrive here every year from destinations across the globe.
Rome is the capital of Italy. It is also the largest city in Italy. Rome is one of the world's richest cities in history and art; among the remains of the ancient city.


Attractions in Rome : Rome the largest and one of the densely populated Italian cities with an ancient getup, is full of tourist attractions. Rome a state in itself accommodates another state, the Vatican City , where the Pope lives. Rome is one of the world's richest cities in history and art; among the remains of the ancient city.Some of the famous tourist attractions in Rome are:
* Piazze: Piazza del Campidoglio, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, St Peter's
* Roman Basilicas and Churches: St Peter's Basilica, St John in Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore
* The Roman Colosseum
* Castel Sant' Angelo
* Saint Peter's Basilica
* Trevi Fountain

Attractions in Venice : Venice, the Italian state, is the capital of the Veneto region and is full of tourist's attractions. Venice has more than 100 separate islands combined by almost 150 canals with 400 bridges which make it a great tourist destination. Venice , the city of romance, with its immense beauty and peculiar life amidst water, insists tourists to prolong their stay and explore the city more. Some of the famous attractions of Venice are:
* Caffe Florian
* Ca'D'Oro
* Doge's Palace
* The Lido
* Naval History Museum
* Rialto Bridge
* St. Mark's Square

Attractions in Florence : Florence , a famous city of Italy , possesses master pieces of art and architecture. Apart from some ancient churches, palaces and museums Florence envelopes a wide range of tourist attractions. Some of the famous tourist destinations within Florence are:
* Piazza San Giovanni
* Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
* Giotto's Bell Tower
* Baptistery
* Accademia Gallery
* Pitti Palace
* Palatine museum


Cruise holiday in Italy would take you to fascinating ancient city of Rome- the capital of Italy. Here you will see the amazing Colosseum, Pantheon, and Forum among several other world-famous attractions. Other must see attractions on an exciting Italy cruise include the spectacular Mount Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii, which was buried in volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Finally, we move to Venice - the city of canals. Venice is home to over 120 islands, connected with an excellent network of canals, including the famous Grand Canal. While in Venice, you can enjoy exciting gondola cruise to explore the fascinating Renaissance-style architecture and city's wonderful canal system that never fail to impress its visitors. Truly, cruise holiday in Italy is a wonderful adventure that you'll remember all your life.


Shopping in Italy is an experience in itself; the extensive fashion stores and shopping malls advertise the latest fashions trends existing in Italy at every point of time. After all, the most beautiful fashions in the world come from this land.The best time to do reasonable deals in fashion items in Italy is exclusively from January to July. Rome is a great place for shopping, with designer outlets and department stores all over the city.Rome is one of the cultural capitals of the world, with a wealth of interesting sightseeing experiences and museums to be visited.

Milan is without doubt the one of the main centres for shopping in Italy and the numerous districts in Milan provide a shopper's paradise. As Milan is the city of fashion there are lots of places to go shopping, especially for shopping deluxe, e.g. Via Montenapoleone (Gucci, Versace, Fratelli Rossetti, Prada, Cartier etc.)

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