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Italy Culture

The Culture of Italy revealed in the ancient relics and historical remnants, reflects the spirit of enlightenment and elegance, existing among the people at that time. Italians, expert and efficient in all cultural spheres like literature, music, architecture and sculptures are the creators of masterpieces in their respective fields. Most Italians are Roman Catholics. The influence of the church can be seen in everyday life as well and in their stunning art pieces and fascinating archeology. Most religious monuments and paintings as well as local traditions based on Christian celebrations and the lives of the saints. Italians are proud of their artistic heritage and so they should be. Italy has produced some of the greatest artists in the world; Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, to name just a few. Museums, churches and courtyards all over the country proudly display the works of Italy's finest artists. Italy is home to the Opera and Opera music. Everyone's heard of Rossini, Verdi and Puccini - the classics. Most Italians will have a firm grasp or knowledge of opera and will attend a performance whenever possible. The typical Italian home is simple yet practical and always colourful. You'll see balconies with fresh red roses hanging on bright blue railings, tables full of apples, grapes, fresh cheese and bottles of local wine; colourful flowers everywhere, tiny courtyards and gardens with picturesque statues. The homes reflect what the people of Italy love; beauty, color, style, family and friendship. As in many countries, dancing is an important component of Italian culture. Italian fashion, of course, is world-renown. Dressing is a matter of status, and demonstrates mature, sophisticated elegance. The average Italian considers it a matter of personal pride to meet each day looking well-dressed and tailored. Gucci, Valentino, Ungaro, Versace and Armani are just a few of the couture heavyweights whose inspirations fill boutiques from Milan to Rome.


Italy is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the Catholic branch of the Christian religion. It was in Italy that Catholic theology first developed and the Pope, who is the official head of the Catholic religion, resides in the Vatican City in Italy. About 80% of people in Italy identify themselves as followers of the Catholic religion, although regular church attendees represent only between 30-40% of the population of Italy. Every year there are several feasts and festivals that have their origins in the Christian religion. The majority of marriages in Italy still take place in a church and are administered by an official man of religion. Like other countries that follow the Catholic understanding of the Christian religion such as Spain, pilgrimage is very popular and every year thousands of pilgrims travel across Italy to some holy sight to seek blessings.

Languages of Italy

The official language of Italy is Italian. Italian (Italian: italiano) is a Romance language spoken by about 70 million people primarily in Italy. Standard Italian is based on Tuscan dialects and is somewhat intermediate between the languages of Southern Italy and the Gallo-Romance languages of the North. Like many languages written using the Latin alphabet, Italian has double consonants; however, contrary to, for example, French and Spanish, double consonants are pronounced as long (geminated) in Italian. As in most Romance languages (with the notable exception of French), stress is distinctive. Out of the Romance languages, Italian is generally considered to be the one most closely resembling Latin in terms of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The largest group of non-Italian speakers are those who speak Sardinian, a Romance language, which retains many pre-Latin words. Some of the other languages spoken in pockets are German, French and Slovene.

Lifestyle in Italy

Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialise with family and friends. And celebration and relaxation usually take place around the table either at home or in a restaurant, where they can enjoy the traditions of the Italian cuisine. Italians have a passion for eating but also for talking.

Entertainment in Italy

Italy is considered as the paradise for holiday goers and this beautiful country does not restrict its appeal to a plethora of natural wonders and a multitude of magnificent sightseeing attractions in Italy but also includes a sizzling array of choices for Entertainment and Leisure in Italy. The most frequently opted choice for Entertainment and Leisure in Italy includes going to night clubs, bars and dancing pubs and electrifying nightlife in Italy immediately catches you in its frenzy. For those who want to try out something different they can head towards the vibrant street theatre or the grand Opera Houses and the academy of Santa Cecilia. Italy is teemed with numerous choices for enjoying various out door activities and those who are interested in outdoor sports can find innumerable water sports as well as winter sports as a one of the popular options for Entertainment and Leisure in Italy. Italy has the most famous opera house in the world, and an unrivalled artistic tradition. It also has colourful festivals, historical pageants and rituals, and one of the world's finest football leagues.

Italian Food

Italian foods are well-known for their taste, herbs and spices worldwide, especially Italian pizzas are hot favorite fast-food to all kind of global customers. Apart from Italian pizzas, pasta is also another mouth-watering delicacy from Italy that has become the much loved Tiffin for the kiddos in both eastern and western countries. Italians are known for their use of herbs in cooking, especially oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and sage. Cheese also plays an important role in Italian cuisine. There are more than 400 types of cheese made in Italy, with Parmesan, mozzarella, and asiago among the best known worldwide. Prosciutto ham, the most popular ingredient of the Italian antipasto (first course) was first made in Parma, a city that also gave its name to Parmesan cheese. Foods of Italy also varies according to different regions of the country. Of much kind of Italian pastas one is ribbon-shaped pasta, this is a special make of northern region of Italy. Again in southern parts of Italy is famous for the pasta known as macaroni. In this region macaronis are served with tomato sauce and spices and that tastes awesome.
Other than pizzas and pastas Italy also holds unique reputations in the continental cuisine markets for its exclusive Italian cooking, tastes and flavor. The traditionally special Italian delicacy includes,

* Risotto (Rice dish with vegetable)
* Italian Wine
* Mushroom Pesto Lasagna
* Shrimp Scampi
* Spaghetti

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