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Italy Duty Free

Italy Duty Free
Italy is within the European Union. If you are travelling from the UK, you are entitled to buy fragance, skincare, cosmetics, Champagne, wine, selected spirits, fashion accessories, gifts and souvenirs - all at tax-free equivalent prices. There are no longer any allowance restrictions on these tax-free items.

The communes of Livigno and Campione d'Italia are treated as being outside of the EU for the duty-free section. If you are arriving from a non-EU country, the following goods may be imported into Italy by persons over 17 years of age without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos or 250g of tobacco.
• 2l of wine and 1l of spirits (over 22%) or 2l of fortified or sparkling wine.
• 50g of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette.
• 500g of coffee or 200g of coffee extract (if over 15 years of age).
• 100g of tea or 40g of tea extract.
• Gifts not exceeding €90 (if entering from an EU country), €175 (if entering from a non-EU country).

Duty Free Shopping

“Duty Free” shopping means that no duty on items will be paid to the government and as such, items which are “Duty Free” must be exported. Items which are “Duty Free” are those which are to be exported to countries outside the tax territory of the EU. In essence, the tax territory of the EU is the “rest of the world” other than the core EU member states, but there are some detailed exceptions, which means that the tax territory of the EU is in fact slightly smaller than the EU itself.

Passengers who have purchased Duty Free goods who are travelling to a final destination outside the tax territory of the EU may be requested to pay tax on their purchases on arrival at their destination and/or if they bring the same merchandise back into the UK on their return to the UK.

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