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Sri Lanka Top Things To Do

Sri Lanka being a very small island is only 270 km long and 140 km wide. However this doesn't cease the country to offer you heterogeneity in activities. The Things to Do in Sri Lanka are innumerable, and listing a few of them here under.

Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) is on the south western edge of the hill country in Sri Lanka. It is a dramatic scene and is a place of pilgrimage between the months of December and May (for Buddhists, Hindus and Christians).

Citadel of Sigiriya

Sigiriya Rock is to the North of Dambulla, and is a World Heritage Site. Of all of the Cultural Triangle sites, this is well worth seeing.

Dance and Music

Sri Lankan Traditional Dance like Kandyan, Sabaragamu and Ruhunu Clans are worth watching. The drums and music in colorful dresses while dancers walk the fire are experiences in themselves.

Scuba Diving

Sri Lanka is famous for its coastal reefs and wrecks. Scuba Diving facilities are hence very avidly available. Sri Lankan Professional Diving School by the Beach also offer training for the same for people who are not acquainted with the sport. It is a complete wonder world under water when you discover the immense number of species found in marine life.

Adventures and Sports

 Sri Lanka provides facility to enjoy that as well. Biking, Canoeing, White Water Rafting, Water Sports, Surfing, Horse Riding, Para Gliding, Rock Climbing, Cliff Abseiling are the sports that you will have the option to enjoy in the island

Bird Watcing

Sri Lanka has 25 endemic birds and many other migrant birds looking for warmer climate and food. Travel in prime bird watching locations in Sinharaja, Kitugala, Udawatta Kale, Minipe, Minneriya Forests as well as Kumana, Bundala, Willpattu, Bellanwila Bird Santuaries.

Elephant and Wild life Safari

Safari in to Sri Lankan Jungles with well experienced and courtiers Elephant Trackers in Safari Jeeps and Do Camping in Jungles of Sri Lanka.

Scuba Diving

Dive along the many destinations in west, south and east coast reefs and wrecks.Sri Lankan Professional Diving School by the Beach. Spend your day in Diving  and at beach. Make videos , photography or write.

Jungle Camping  Safari

Great Locations are available for Camping in Wild Life and Jugles wchin adds to an Elephant and Wild Life Safari.

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